VIDEO: Making sense of slow starters

Admit it: A week in, you're already second-guessing the whole thing. That's what an 0-1 start will do for you.

Suddenly, every underachiever is subject to scrutiny. So what if you drafted him early just so you wouldn't have to pay a second thought to his position? For him to begin the year so slowly, something must be wrong. It's that Steinbrenner mentality that consumes only the most entitled of competitors, eliminating any hope for perspective.

This guy knows what what I'm talking about ...

OK, but Donaldson came out of nowhere last year, so maybe some inkling of doubt is justified. I want to see real panic, something bordering on insanity.

That's the ticket! "Oh Harper, I love you so much I'm going to draft you in the first round because I can't bear to the thought of you breaking out for some -- what's that? No home runs yet? NEXT!"

Even if Harper breaks out with 30 home runs this season, that's one every five games or so, which is exactly the number he's played so far. And you have to assume those 30 won't be evenly distributed over the course of the season. He'll have some multi-homer games. He'll homer two games in a row or maybe even three in a row. For that to happen, he'll need some five-game stretches when he doesn't homer at all. All the 30-homer guys will. Even Mark Trumbo.

With that it mind, I give you this segment from Monday's Fantasy Baseball Today where Al Melchior examine some of this season's early underachievers and assess whether or not the concern is deserved.

Spoiler alert: It usually isn't.

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