Week 11 Fantasy Stockwatch

Every Monday we'll take a look at the Fantasy Baseball gainers and decliners in our Fantasy Stockwatch.

This week's potential 'Buy Guys'

2B Alexei Ramirez, CHW
We figured this guy could be a great sleeper for AL-only leagues this season as a potential starter for the White Sox, but now he looks like a solid option for any size format. After hitting .295 in May and winning the everyday job at second base, the Cuban Missile has taken flight even higher in June, going 14-for-28 (.500) with two homers and nine RBI. He is a free swinger, so expect both hot and cold streaks, but you could do much worse than him as a starter for your Fantasy team right now. He has 15-homer potential, which is a enough in many leagues at the historically thin second base position.
OF J.D. Drew, BOS
No David Ortiz? No problem for the Red Sox, who finally are getting $75 million-type production out of Drew. He is in a favorite category of ours for a Fantasy breakthrough, a player in the second year in a new home. Alex Rodriguez and Carlos Beltran took a year to get comfortable in New York. Josh Beckett needed a year in Boston before strutting his stuff. Now, Drew looks like one of those players who will be more of what was expected in the second year. Start Drew in all Fantasy leagues right now. We didn't figure we would ever be able to say that again.
OF Matt Holliday, COL
It is a function of the setups of our users on the website, but Holliday should not be unowned in 27 percent of CBSSports.com's leagues right now. He is a 100 percent ownership guy. Also, he should be starting in 61 percent more leagues this week. He is coming off the DL the first day eligible this week and has proven healthy in a weekend rehab stint, hitting .600 (6-for-10) with a homer and a double. Holliday should have been starting in 100 percent of leagues this week. There is no reason to be cautious. His 15-day DL stay by the rock-bottom Rockies was plenty cautious enough.
SP Manny Parra, MIL
Somewhat lost in the resurgence of the Brewers and the loss of Yovani Gallardo (knee) for the season is a mini two-game streak by Parra. He has won back-to-back starts, striking out 14 in 13 innings and giving up just eight hits and two earned runs. Parra is much better than he has shown at the start of this season and he is shaping up to be a nice two-start sleeper for Fantasy Week 12 (June 16-22). Take that flier now, because one more solid start will make it too late in the 55 percent of leagues he is available.
1B Ryan Garko, CLE
One of our preseason 27-year-old breakout candidates got off to an embarrassing start -- along with the rest of the Indians. Once the calendar turned to June, though, the light came on. Garko is hitting .438 this month with 10 RBI (six in one game) and has a 3-to-3, strikeout-to-walk rate. You cannot expect him to be the .300-30-100-100 breakout we thought he could be, but he is now pertinent again outside of AL-only leagues. His ownership should eventually rise from his current 56 percent back up to his early-season 83 percent.

Some more 'Buy Guys' we couldn't fit in: OF Nick Swisher, CHW; C Ryan Doumit, PIT; SP Homer Bailey, CIN; SP Dontrelle Willis, DET; SP Jeremy Sowers, CLE; SP Armando Galarraga, DET; RP Joel Zumaya, DET; OF Luke Scott, BAL; SP Mike Pelfrey, NYM; SP Francisco Liriano, MIN; SP Ryan Tucker, FLA; RP Mike Gonzalez, ATL; OF Shin Soo-Choo, CLE; 3B Matthew Gamel, MIL; 2B Josh Barfield, CLE.

This week's potential 'Goodbye Guys'

SP Jake Peavy, SD
Potentially the No. 1 pitcher in Fantasy Baseball is targeting a return Thursday and we have him as a sell? Yeah, the Padres might have strung some recent victories together, but they are a pretty offensively inept club and you need to root for Peavy to string some healthy starts together and deal him off to the highest bidder. Fantasy aces are better on top contending clubs and Peavy won't have that going for him the rest of the season. You need a couple of healthy starts out of him before you sell him, though.
3B Bill Hall, MIL
The Brewers moved Ryan Braun off third base for this? If it hasn't been abundantly clear to you already, you can cut bait with Hall and move on. He needs a trade for his power potential to play in any Fantasy league and you cannot expect that to happen in the next few weeks. He should not be starting in any mixed league right now, which means his current 40 percent ownership on our website is about 30 percent too high. Russell Branyan's recent power surge only further buries Hall as a Fantasy afterthought.
OF Justin Upton, ARI
This is a tough sell. This is just a serious talent in a rough way right now. You have to expect 20-year-old talents cutting their teeth in the majors to struggle from time to time, but Upton's slump is entering its second month. His strikeout rate (70 Ks in 59 games) suggests he might just be overmatched. After hitting .340 in April with five homers and 15 RBI, Upton hit just .216 in May and is a worthless .056 in June (1-for-18). He is neither April good or June bad, but he is clearly not worthy of starting in mixed leagues at this point.
OF Rick Ankiel, STL
It is easy to kick players while they are down, but Ankiel's name recognition gives him a pretty good chance to retain decent value via trade amid his May and June swoon. We projected him for a .250 average, 24 homers, 80 RBI, 75 runs and four steals and his pace of .261-20-63-73-2 is pretty close to our expectations. But can you afford one good month and another long slump? The juice doesn't seem to be worth the squeeze right now. Sell him off to some Ankiel apologist. They are everywhere.
SP Pedro Martinez, NYM
The Mets are terrible, with or without Pedro, apparently. They have been a sub-.500 club since June 1 of last year and Martinez doesn't figure to significantly alter their fate. They just cannot score runs consistently, mostly because Carlos Delgado is toast, Carlos Beltran is a perennial underachiever and the likes of Moises Alou and Ryan Church cannot get/stay healthy. Martinez isn't throwing hard enough to live up to his name in Fantasy circles and the Mets' offensive and bullpen woes just make it worse. Pedro will be a five- or six-inning pitcher for a team that doesn't figure to have many leads to hold after that few innings on the days he pitches.

Some more 'Goodbye Guys' we couldn't fit in: 2B Asdrubal Cabrera, CLE; 3B Ryan Zimmerman, WAS; 2B Aaron Hill, TOR; SP Kevin Slowey, MIN; SP Boof Bonser, MIN; SP Oliver Perez, NYM; SP Livan Hernandez, MIN; C Ivan Rodriguez, DET; SP Andy Sonnanstine, TB; OF Emil Brown, OAK; OF Ryan Church, NYM.

Stock advisor

Steven Calhoun, Philadelphia: I play in a 12-team keeper league. I am currently reserving a roster spot for Yovani Gallardo. I am thinking of taking an early flier on David Price due to how high his hype is right now. I worry he will not be available for another month or so. Who is the smarter player to fill my roster spot, Price or Gallardo, considering both will be kept for nothing next year?

Emack: Wow, a keeper league where you are stashing a player out for the year, Gallardo. Price might not arrive before Aug. 1 at the earliest, but he is a more intriguing long-term keeper than Gallardo, too.

Roy Sherman, Columbia, Tenn.: I am in a 10-team Head-to-Head league, and I was wondering how you would rank the following outfielders: Xavier Nady, Carl Crawford and Ryan Ludwick. Ludwick is available as a free agent in our league, and I own the other two. I also have Jay Bruce, Nate McLouth and B.J. Upton as my starting outfielders with Crawford as my starting utility player (which will change when Rafael Furcal returns, but that is a different matter). My question is, should I pick up Ludwick and drop one of the others, or is there really not enough of a difference between Ludwick, Crawford and Nady to matter?

Emack: Ludwick is on a massive tear, but if you are not using him, stashing him won't do you much good. Nady and Crawford have higher ceilings. Ludwick was a journeyman for a reason. He will suffer a market correction sooner or later.

John Donnelly, Philadelphia: I'm holding on to Brian Giles in hopes he will be traded to a contender with a smaller park. Do you think he will be traded this year, and if so, when and where to?

Emack: Wow, that's a shot in the dark. You cannot expect the outfield-thin Padres to trade one of their outfielders right now, especially the most productive one. Sure, Giles might get dealt at the trade deadline, but what are the odds he heads to a bandbox park? Hold on to Giles right now because he is going well and hitting .300, not for the chance he is dealt to a better situation. In fact, Giles is no certainty to increase his homer total on the road. Two of his three homers right now have come at home.

You can e-mail Emack your Fantasy Baseball Stockwatch questions to DMFantasyBaseball@cbs.com. Be sure to put Attn: Stockwatch in the subject field. Please include your full name, hometown and state. Be aware, due to the large volume of submissions received, we cannot guarantee personal responses to all questions.

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