What I'll miss about Nando

As many of you are already aware, today is Nando Di Fino's last day with CBSSports.com and, consequently, Fantasy Baseball Today. Though the two of us rarely saw eye-to-eye on players, I've enjoyed his contributions as much as anybody else and, on a more personal level, feel blessed just to have crossed paths with him. During his time here, he was the consummate team player, grounded in humility and always seeking to promote others before himself. For someone who thrives in the spotlight, those are especially rare qualities.

Plus, he taught me to put on makeup before our first show together. Hugs!

He'd probably write something like "hugs!" there, complete with those exclamation marks he's oh so fond of. Or he'd make some top-of-mind prediction about one stat or another only to hedge his bet a beat later with a delayed "... ish." Or he'd take Jedd Gyorko or Leonys Martin about four rounds too early.

But that's Nando, following his heart without getting hung up on the consequences. I remember one time about a year ago, someone wrote something negative about me somewhere on the site that wasn't just mocking a prediction I made or calling me an idiot -- you know, things I should be used to by now -- but clearly crossing the line by making slanderous claims about certain members of my family. I was discouraged. Nando was incensed, going so far as to hunt down the guy on Twitter, reprimand him and demand an apology. It wasn't the epitome of professionalism, but I was both touched and a little embarassed I wasn't willing to go as far as he did for my own kin.

That's what I'll miss most about Nando. More than his jokes or off-the-wall predictions, his heart made the lasting impression on me.

Keep it up, guy. I'm sure we'll play in countless leagues together in the years to come, but even so, I look forward to what's in store for you next.


And at this point, I'm not sure whether to cry or throw up.

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