What's the downside of George Springer?

By now, we've hopefully hammered home the point that George Springer is awesome and the hype on him his warranted. If not, check out this column, this video and the latest bit of analysis on his player page. See? Point made.

But of course, not every transition to the big leagues goes as smoothly as hoped. Given Springer's strikeout rate of one every three at-bats in the minors, it's not so hard to imagine him scuffling out of the gate. It may not be the most likely scenario, but it's something to keep in mind as you field trade offers for the hottest commodity in Fantasy. I mean, yeah, he's awesome, but before he ever sets foot on a diamond, he's not exactly untouchable.

To get a sense of his trade value (not that you should be trading him, but in case it comes up), your best resource is our rest-of-season rankings. My latest update has him 30th among outfielders in Head-to-Head points leagues and 28th in Rotisserie. So yeah, I'm not exactly shortchanging him. This segment from Wednesday's Fantasy Baseball Today helps define it further, though. The Springer talk is interspersed throughout, so don't cut out early. You'll get our latest take on Brandon Morrow, Robbie Ross, Conor Gillaspie and Jenrry Mejia, among others, along the way. 

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