Which players will gain the most from midseason trades?

Jeff Samardzija could be on the move. (USATSI)
Jeff Samardzija could be on the move. (USATSI)

A change of scenery can often play a big role in a player's value. With trade chatter starting to heat up, and the deadline a little over a month away, teams will really start shopping their wares over the next few weeks. Here are some of the players who stand to see their value change significantly if dealt.

Jeff Samardzija and Jason Hammel - It's easy to batch these two players together since they currently play for the same team. Any club looking to acquire these two pitchers is likely going to be in the race. While it's risky to depend on wins, you would think Samardzija and Hammel would have an easier time winning games away from the North Side. Wrigley Field generally plays friendly to hitters, so there's a chance both players could move to better home parks. Given how much Toronto is said to be in pursuit, that's not a guarantee. 

Aaron Sanchez - If Toronto does make a big deal, pitching prospect Aaron Sanchez would likely move to a team with a more immediate need for his help. There's no guarantee the team that acquires Sanchez would immediately promote and use him, but he probably stands a better chance elsewhere right now. 

Huston Street and Joaquin Benoit - With relievers, it all depends on role. If either of these guys are acquired to be the closer on a good team, their value would shoot up significantly. It's unclear how many contenders really need a closer, so Street would most likely lose some value if dealt. Benoit figures to retain his value as a premier setup man. 

Carlos Quentin and Chase Headley - Getting any hitter out of Petco Park is a good thing. Headley's career numbers away from Petco are a strong .287/.361/.444. A move would benefit the team acquiring him, and would help Headley boost his value before he becomes a free-agent. Quentin could benefit from moving to an AL club, where he could conceivably stay healthy by serving as the designated hitter more often. Both players would see their power numbers jump after leaving Petco.

Brandon McCarthy - All of the peripherals seem to indicate McCarthy should be having a much better season. While it's tough to go in on a guy who currently has a 5.38 ERA, a move away from Arizona would be nice. Chase Field is pretty friendly to home runs, an area where McCarthy has had a lot of trouble this season. On top of that, McCarthy would likely move to a better team, and could steal a few wins over the second half of the year. He might not be a sexy name, but he's a strong buy-low candidate depending on where he winds up. 

David Price - Results would be mixed here. Price would likely have a better shot at winning games, but would leave the cozy confines of Tropicana Field. At the same time, Price is an elite pitcher, and would likely be great regardless of his home park. Even if he moves to a strong hitter's park, Price would probably still retain enough value to be an ace. 

Any of the White Sox hitters - With the White Sox in last, they seem like a prime team to start moving parts. It's assumed Alexei Ramirez, Dayan Viciedo, Adam Dunn and Gordon Beckham could all be on the market. All four could possibly see some decline moving away from U.S. Cellular Field. Dunn, however, has the type of power that plays in any park, so perhaps his status would be unchanged. The value of all these players depends on whether their new park will suppress their offensive numbers. 

Alex Rios - It's assumed Rios will be shopped considering his contract situation and the Rangers' struggles. Rios is under contract through 2014, and has a club option for 2015. Leaving Rangers ballpark could be a blow, but Rios has found ways to provide value without hitting for a ton of power. His outlook would go down in an extreme pitcher's park, but his value would remain otherwise unchanged.

Those are just some of the players assumed to hit the market in the following weeks. As guys start moving, we'll definitely provide some analysis on the blog page, so keep an eye out for that. Who else could be on the move?

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