2017 Fantasy Basketball Draft Prep: Russell Westbrook goes at the top in 12-team H2H points mock draft

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Nobody can get or stay in front of Russell Westbrook -- in Fantasy or real life.  Thomas Shea / USA TODAY Sports

There are advantages and disadvantages to every type of Fantasy league you play in, and you can see that in which spot you want to draft from.

Having the No. 1 pick always comes with advantages, but in Rotisserie leagues, those advantages are a bit muted. There is no obvious, slam-dunk No. 1 pick this year, and picking from four or five options always give you the chance to be wrong. That isn't a problem in points.

In H2H points leagues, you just take Russell Westbrook

Westbrook was the No. 1 player in points in each of the last two seasons, and he led the league in Fantasy points per game in 2014 too. His activity level is unparalleled, and even if you think he is bound to regress after the Thunder brought in Paul George and Carmelo Anthony this offseason, but he has plenty of room to regress; he was more than 300 points ahead of the No. 2 player in 2016-17, and he cleared the No. 3 player by more than 1,000.

Getting the top pick in points makes for an easy call, and the edge Westbrook gives you is important, because the later rounds in points can get pretty ugly. With so few players playing 30-plus minutes these days, the talent pool is a lot shallower in this format. Volume matters so much in points, and there just aren't that many players who stand out in that regard.

It's easier to build useful depth in category-based leagues, so just hope you get the No. 1 pick and can build from there. Even with more help around him, Westbrook continues to stand out in this format. Lucky for me, I did have the top pick. 

The scoring system for this league is: 1 point for each point, rebound, steal, and block; 2 points for each assist; -1 for each turnover.

Draft Order was as follows: 

1. Chris Towers, Senior Editor, CBSSports.com Fantasy
2. Kevin O'Brien, RotoWire.com
3. Alex Barutha, RotoWire.com
4. Oscar Heanue, RotoWire.com
5. Joel Bartilotta, RotoWire.com
6. Andre Snellings, RotoWire.com
7. Nick Whalen, RotoWire.com
8. Kyle McKeown, BasketballMonster.com 
9. Mike Gallagher, Rotoworld.com 
10. Riaz Dhanani, Hoop-Ball.com 
11. Dan Besbris, Hoop-Ball.com
12. Aaron Bruski, Hoop-Ball.com

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