2019 Fantasy Basketball Draft Prep: Top of the field wide open in H2H points mock draft

When you look at the top of the Fantasy scoring ranks for last year, the No. 1 pick for the 2019-20 season should be pretty obvious. After all, James Harden's 4,337 points in CBS Fantasy standard scoring put him more than 400 points up on the No. 2 finisher. In fact, the No. 2 spot was closer to No. 5 than he was to Harden. It should be an open-and-shut case for Harden as the top play, right?

Well, not exactly. Harden had an incredible 2018-19, averaging a career-high 36.1 points per game while adding 6.6 rebounds and 7.5 assists, but he did that while having to carry the Rockets' offense to an extent we've never really seen before. Chris Paul wasn't quite himself, and played just 58 games, leaving Harden to shoulder the load for 78 games. However, with Russell Westbrook in house now, Harden should have a lot more help. And, since Westbrook was that No. 2 finisher last season, the fit between the two of them, and the impact that is going to have on their Fantasy production is the biggest question you have to answer when you have the No. 1 pick, as I did in our most recent mock draft for the 2019-20 season. 

Picking first is a great spot to be in, obviously, but things feel more wide open this season than they have in the past few years — a nice analogy for how the NBA as a whole feels after a tumultuous offseason. Per SportsLine.com's projections, four players are — Harden, Westbrook, LeBron James, and Giannis Antetokounmpo — are projected for between 3,813 and 4,027 points. And you can make a compelling case that Stephen Curry, playing without either Kevin Durant or Klay Thompson, could break into that discussion, too.

And we don't necessarily have to limit it to that group either. Nikola Jokic is coming off a 14-game playoff run where he averaged 25.1 points, 13.0 rebounds, and 8.4 assists per game, numbers that would put him in that range even if he regressed 10-15%. The likes of Luca Doncic, Karl-Anthony Towns, or Ben Simmons are all longer shots to make that type of leap, but it isn't entirely out of the realm of possibility if things go right.

Ultimately, with the No. 1 pick in our mock, I did end up going with Harden, but you can make an argument that picking fourth or fifth might be just as good as picking first this season. After all, you can still get a stud player, and then you've got the potential for a superior No. 2 pick coming back around.

This was a standard CBS Fantasy points mock, with all points, rebounds, blocks, and steals worth one point, assists worth two, and turnovers taking away one point. We drafted 14 spots, including four reserves, and the following industry analysts took part in the draft:

  1. Chris Towers, CBS Fantasy 
  2. Alex Barutha, RotoWire.com
  3. Chris Meaney, TheAthletic.com
  4. Nick Whalen, RotoWire.com
  5. Scott Bogman, InThisLeague.com
  6. Ken Crites, RotoWire.com
  7. Chris Welsh, InThisLeague.com
  8. Heath Cummings, CBS Fantasy
  9. Kyle McKeown, BasketballMonster.com
  10. BasketballMonster.com
  11. Alex Rikleen, RotoWire.com
  12. Dan Besbris, Hoop-Ball.com
Round By Round
Round 1
Pos Team Player
1 Team 1 J. Harden SG HOU
2 Alex Barutha G. Antetokounmpo PF MIL
3 Meaney S. Curry PG GS
4 Team Whalen K. Towns C MIN
5 Bogman A. Davis PF LAL
6 Ken C's Team R. Westbrook PG HOU
7 Chris Welsh N. Jokic C DEN
8 Heath Cummings L. James PF LAL
9 RotoKyleNBA L. Doncic PG DAL
10 gehrenbergdfs D. Lillard PG POR
11 @Rikleen K. Walker PG BOS
12 @DanBesbris (Hoop Ball) B. Simmons PG PHI
Round 2
Pos Team Player
13 @DanBesbris (Hoop Ball) A. Drummond C DET
14 @Rikleen J. Butler SF MIA
15 gehrenbergdfs B. Beal SG WAS
16 RotoKyleNBA J. Embiid C PHI
17 Heath Cummings T. Young PG ATL
18 Chris Welsh K. Irving PG BKN
19 Ken C's Team N. Vucevic C ORL
20 Bogman D. Booker SG PHO
21 Team Whalen J. Holiday PG NO
22 Meaney R. Gobert C UTA
23 Alex Barutha D. Russell PG GS
24 Team 1 B. Griffin PF DET
Round 3
Pos Team Player
25 Team 1 K. Leonard SF LAC
26 Alex Barutha D. Fox PG SAC
27 Meaney D. Mitchell SG UTA
28 Team Whalen P. Siakam PF TOR
29 Bogman D. Ayton C PHO
30 Ken C's Team J. Collins PF ATL
31 Chris Welsh C. Paul PG OKC
32 Heath Cummings D. DeRozan SG SA
33 RotoKyleNBA T. Rozier PG CHA
34 gehrenbergdfs Z. Williamson PF NO
35 @Rikleen M. Conley PG UTA
36 @DanBesbris (Hoop Ball) P. George SF LAC
Round 4
Pos Team Player
37 @DanBesbris (Hoop Ball) K. Lowry PG TOR
38 @Rikleen J. Murray SG DEN
39 gehrenbergdfs D. Green PF GS
40 RotoKyleNBA Z. LaVine SG CHI
41 Heath Cummings J. Randle C NY
42 Chris Welsh K. Middleton SF MIL
43 Ken C's Team J. Tatum SF BOS
44 Bogman B. Hield SG SAC
45 Team Whalen C. McCollum SG POR
46 Meaney L. Aldridge C SA
47 Alex Barutha K. Porzingis PF DAL
48 Team 1 J. Morant PG MEM
Round 5
Pos Team Player
49 Team 1 A. Gordon SF ORL
50 Alex Barutha E. Bledsoe PG MIL
51 Meaney T. Harris SF PHI
52 Team Whalen D. Sabonis C IND
53 Bogman B. Adebayo C MIA
54 Ken C's Team R. Barrett SF NY
55 Chris Welsh L. Ball PG NO
56 Heath Cummings D. Gallinari SF OKC
57 RotoKyleNBA L. Markkanen PF CHI
58 gehrenbergdfs K. Love PF CLE
59 @Rikleen H. Whiteside C POR
60 @DanBesbris (Hoop Ball) C. Capela C HOU
Round 6
Pos Team Player
61 @DanBesbris (Hoop Ball) R. Rubio PG PHO
62 @Rikleen G. Hayward SF BOS
63 gehrenbergdfs J. Valanciunas C MEM
64 RotoKyleNBA J. Jackson Jr. PF MEM
65 Heath Cummings D. Murray PG SA
66 Chris Welsh M. Turner C IND
67 Ken C's Team J. Teague PG MIN
68 Bogman S. Adams C OKC
69 Team Whalen M. Brogdon PG IND
70 Meaney S. Gilgeous-Alexander PG OKC
71 Alex Barutha A. Horford C PHI
72 Team 1 L. Williams SG LAC
Round 7
Pos Team Player
73 Team 1 B. Ingram SG NO
74 Alex Barutha J. Richardson SG PHI
75 Meaney O. Porter Jr. SF CHI
76 Team Whalen M. Bagley III PF SAC
77 Bogman A. Wiggins SF MIN
78 Ken C's Team E. Kanter C BOS
79 Chris Welsh V. Oladipo SG IND
80 Heath Cummings K. Kuzma PF LAL
81 RotoKyleNBA D. Favors PF NO
82 gehrenbergdfs C. LeVert SG BKN
83 @Rikleen S. Dinwiddie PG BKN
84 @DanBesbris (Hoop Ball) K. Oubre Jr. SF PHO
Round 8
Pos Team Player
85 @DanBesbris (Hoop Ball) D. Schroder PG OKC
86 @Rikleen D. Rose PG DET
87 gehrenbergdfs T. Bryant C WAS
88 RotoKyleNBA M. Bridges SF CHA
89 Heath Cummings M. Gasol C TOR
90 Chris Welsh R. Covington SF MIN
91 Ken C's Team I. Smith PG WAS
92 Bogman J. Ingles SF UTA
93 Team Whalen J. Lamb SG IND
94 Meaney D. Wright PG DAL
95 Alex Barutha S. Ibaka C TOR
96 Team 1 M. Harrell C LAC
Round 9
Pos Team Player
97 Team 1 F. VanVleet PG TOR
98 Alex Barutha N. Batum SF CHA
99 Meaney G. Dragic PG MIA
100 Team Whalen R. Hachimura SF WAS
101 Bogman T. Warren SF IND
102 Ken C's Team D. Garland SG CLE
103 Chris Welsh P. Millsap PF DEN
104 Heath Cummings C. Sexton PG CLE
105 RotoKyleNBA J. Winslow PG MIA
106 gehrenbergdfs W. Carter Jr. C CHI
107 @Rikleen B. Bogdanovic SF UTA
108 @DanBesbris (Hoop Ball) E. Fournier SG ORL
Round 10
Pos Team Player
109 @DanBesbris (Hoop Ball) R. Jackson PG DET
110 @Rikleen L. Shamet SF LAC
111 gehrenbergdfs L. Nance Jr. PF CLE
112 RotoKyleNBA K. Looney C GS
113 Heath Cummings H. Barnes PF SAC
114 Chris Welsh M. Robinson C NY
115 Ken C's Team T. Satoransky PG CHI
116 Bogman D. Smith Jr. PG NY
117 Team Whalen B. Bogdanovic SG SAC
118 Meaney D. Hunter SF ATL
119 Alex Barutha B. Lopez C MIL
120 Team 1 M. Smart SG BOS
Round 11
Pos Team Player
121 Team 1 B. Portis C NY
122 Alex Barutha K. Bazemore SG POR
123 Meaney J. Isaac SF ORL
124 Team Whalen T. Young PF CHI
125 Bogman K. Huerter SG ATL
126 Ken C's Team D. Saric PF PHO
127 Chris Welsh G. Harris SG DEN
128 Heath Cummings J. Brown SG BOS
129 RotoKyleNBA C. Osman SF CLE
130 gehrenbergdfs D. White PG SA
131 @Rikleen R. Gay SF SA
132 @DanBesbris (Hoop Ball) T. Waller-Prince SF BKN
Round 12
Pos Team Player
133 @DanBesbris (Hoop Ball) J. Redick SG NO
134 @Rikleen M. Porter Jr. PF DEN
135 gehrenbergdfs M. Monk SG CHA
136 RotoKyleNBA Z. Collins C POR
137 Heath Cummings T. Hardaway Jr. SG DAL
138 Chris Welsh B. Clarke PF MEM
139 Ken C's Team R. Rondo PG LAL
140 Bogman K. Olynyk PF MIA
141 Team Whalen T. Brown Jr. SF WAS
142 Meaney D. Jordan C BKN
143 Alex Barutha P. Beverley PG LAC
144 Team 1 T. Ross SG ORL
Round 13
Pos Team Player
145 Team 1 D. Augustin PG ORL
146 Alex Barutha K. Anderson PF MEM
147 Meaney M. Bridges SF PHO
148 Team Whalen E. Payton PG NY
149 Bogman E. Gordon SF HOU
150 Ken C's Team W. Barton SF DEN
151 Chris Welsh D. Green SG LAL
152 Heath Cummings D. Waiters SG MIA
153 RotoKyleNBA D. Bacon SG CHA
154 gehrenbergdfs T. Thompson C CLE
155 @Rikleen J. McGee C LAL
156 @DanBesbris (Hoop Ball) D. Bertans PF WAS
Round 14
Pos Team Player
157 @DanBesbris (Hoop Ball) K. Thompson SG GS
158 @Rikleen H. Giles PF SAC
159 gehrenbergdfs A. Len C ATL
160 RotoKyleNBA M. Fultz PG ORL
161 Heath Cummings J. Harris SF BKN
162 Chris Welsh J. Parker SF ATL
163 Ken C's Team O. Anunoby SF TOR
164 Bogman D. Dedmon C SAC
165 Team Whalen J. Clarkson SG CLE
166 Meaney T. Jones PG MEM
167 Alex Barutha L. Kennard SF DET
168 Team 1 J. Nurkic C POR
Team by Team
Team 1
Rd Pk Player
1 1 J. Harden SG HOU
2 24 B. Griffin PF DET
3 25 K. Leonard SF LAC
4 48 J. Morant PG MEM
5 49 A. Gordon SF ORL
6 72 L. Williams SG LAC
7 73 B. Ingram SG NO
8 96 M. Harrell C LAC
9 97 F. VanVleet PG TOR
10 120 M. Smart SG BOS
11 121 B. Portis C NY
12 144 T. Ross SG ORL
13 145 D. Augustin PG ORL
14 168 J. Nurkic C POR
Alex Barutha
Rd Pk Player
1 2 G. Antetokounmpo PF MIL
2 23 D. Russell PG GS
3 26 D. Fox PG SAC
4 47 K. Porzingis PF DAL
5 50 E. Bledsoe PG MIL
6 71 A. Horford C PHI
7 74 J. Richardson SG PHI
8 95 S. Ibaka C TOR
9 98 N. Batum SF CHA
10 119 B. Lopez C MIL
11 122 K. Bazemore SG POR
12 143 P. Beverley PG LAC
13 146 K. Anderson PF MEM
14 167 L. Kennard SF DET
Rd Pk Player
1 3 S. Curry PG GS
2 22 R. Gobert C UTA
3 27 D. Mitchell SG UTA
4 46 L. Aldridge C SA
5 51 T. Harris SF PHI
6 70 S. Gilgeous-Alexander PG OKC
7 75 O. Porter Jr. SF CHI
8 94 D. Wright PG DAL
9 99 G. Dragic PG MIA
10 118 D. Hunter SF ATL
11 123 J. Isaac SF ORL
12 142 D. Jordan C BKN
13 147 M. Bridges SF PHO
14 166 T. Jones PG MEM
Team Whalen
Rd Pk Player
1 4 K. Towns C MIN
2 21 J. Holiday PG NO
3 28 P. Siakam PF TOR
4 45 C. McCollum SG POR
5 52 D. Sabonis C IND
6 69 M. Brogdon PG IND
7 76 M. Bagley III PF SAC
8 93 J. Lamb SG IND
9 100 R. Hachimura SF WAS
10 117 B. Bogdanovic SG SAC
11 124 T. Young PF CHI
12 141 T. Brown Jr. SF WAS
13 148 E. Payton PG NY
14 165 J. Clarkson SG CLE
Rd Pk Player
1 5 A. Davis PF LAL
2 20 D. Booker SG PHO
3 29 D. Ayton C PHO
4 44 B. Hield SG SAC
5 53 B. Adebayo C MIA
6 68 S. Adams C OKC
7 77 A. Wiggins SF MIN
8 92 J. Ingles SF UTA
9 101 T. Warren SF IND
10 116 D. Smith Jr. PG NY
11 125 K. Huerter SG ATL
12 140 K. Olynyk PF MIA
13 149 E. Gordon SF HOU
14 164 D. Dedmon C SAC
Ken C's Team
Rd Pk Player
1 6 R. Westbrook PG HOU
2 19 N. Vucevic C ORL
3 30 J. Collins PF ATL
4 43 J. Tatum SF BOS
5 54 R. Barrett SF NY
6 67 J. Teague PG MIN
7 78 E. Kanter C BOS
8 91 I. Smith PG WAS
9 102 D. Garland SG CLE
10 115 T. Satoransky PG CHI
11 126 D. Saric PF PHO
12 139 R. Rondo PG LAL
13 150 W. Barton SF DEN
14 163 O. Anunoby SF TOR
Chris Welsh
Rd Pk Player
1 7 N. Jokic C DEN
2 18 K. Irving PG BKN
3 31 C. Paul PG OKC
4 42 K. Middleton SF MIL
5 55 L. Ball PG NO
6 66 M. Turner C IND
7 79 V. Oladipo SG IND
8 90 R. Covington SF MIN
9 103 P. Millsap PF DEN
10 114 M. Robinson C NY
11 127 G. Harris SG DEN
12 138 B. Clarke PF MEM
13 151 D. Green SG LAL
14 162 J. Parker SF ATL
Heath Cummings
Rd Pk Player
1 8 L. James PF LAL
2 17 T. Young PG ATL
3 32 D. DeRozan SG SA
4 41 J. Randle C NY
5 56 D. Gallinari SF OKC
6 65 D. Murray PG SA
7 80 K. Kuzma PF LAL
8 89 M. Gasol C TOR
9 104 C. Sexton PG CLE
10 113 H. Barnes PF SAC
11 128 J. Brown SG BOS
12 137 T. Hardaway Jr. SG DAL
13 152 D. Waiters SG MIA
14 161 J. Harris SF BKN
Rd Pk Player
1 9 L. Doncic PG DAL
2 16 J. Embiid C PHI
3 33 T. Rozier PG CHA
4 40 Z. LaVine SG CHI
5 57 L. Markkanen PF CHI
6 64 J. Jackson Jr. PF MEM
7 81 D. Favors PF NO
8 88 M. Bridges SF CHA
9 105 J. Winslow PG MIA
10 112 K. Looney C GS
11 129 C. Osman SF CLE
12 136 Z. Collins C POR
13 153 D. Bacon SG CHA
14 160 M. Fultz PG ORL
Rd Pk Player
1 10 D. Lillard PG POR
2 15 B. Beal SG WAS
3 34 Z. Williamson PF NO
4 39 D. Green PF GS
5 58 K. Love PF CLE
6 63 J. Valanciunas C MEM
7 82 C. LeVert SG BKN
8 87 T. Bryant C WAS
9 106 W. Carter Jr. C CHI
10 111 L. Nance Jr. PF CLE
11 130 D. White PG SA
12 135 M. Monk SG CHA
13 154 T. Thompson C CLE
14 159 A. Len C ATL
Rd Pk Player
1 11 K. Walker PG BOS
2 14 J. Butler SF MIA
3 35 M. Conley PG UTA
4 38 J. Murray SG DEN
5 59 H. Whiteside C POR
6 62 G. Hayward SF BOS
7 83 S. Dinwiddie PG BKN
8 86 D. Rose PG DET
9 107 B. Bogdanovic SF UTA
10 110 L. Shamet SF LAC
11 131 R. Gay SF SA
12 134 M. Porter Jr. PF DEN
13 155 J. McGee C LAL
14 158 H. Giles PF SAC
@DanBesbris (Hoop Ball)
Rd Pk Player
1 12 B. Simmons PG PHI
2 13 A. Drummond C DET
3 36 P. George SF LAC
4 37 K. Lowry PG TOR
5 60 C. Capela C HOU
6 61 R. Rubio PG PHO
7 84 K. Oubre Jr. SF PHO
8 85 D. Schroder PG OKC
9 108 E. Fournier SG ORL
10 109 R. Jackson PG DET
11 132 T. Waller-Prince SF BKN
12 133 J. Redick SG NO
13 156 D. Bertans PF WAS
14 157 K. Thompson SG GS
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