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Some nights, you can look at the NBA schedule and pick out one or two matchups that seem ripe for big performances. Monday night, for instance, we had the Kings playing in Denver and Rockets in Philadelphia to look for some fireworks, which helps when building a FanDuel lineup.

Tonight, however, despite a more robust schedule featuring eight games, it is much harder to find potential shootouts. Sure, Houston-Miami could have some fireworks, but the Rockets are on a back-to-back, and Miami never played as fast as their reputation even with LeBron and the Flying Death Machine. The two West Coast games could see scores in the 110s too, but the Cavaliers are still finding their way on offense and the Lakers really don't have a way.

Without any obvious matchups to take advantage of, we'll just have to make do with what we have. I'll be taking full advantage of the two 10 p.m. ET games, meaning it's another late night for me as I watch scoreboards here on the East Coast.

Five of my nine players don't go until 10 ET, so if the late games end up being low-scoring affairs for some reason, I'll be lost. However, the Damian Lillard-Kyrie Irving matchup should be good for me, since neither plays much defense.

Irving averages 24.5 points, 5.8 assists, 3.0 rebounds and 1.8 steals per game against the Blazers in his career, while Lillard has put up 25.3 points, 8.3 assists and 5.3 rebounds per game against the Cavaliers, including a big 36-10-8 line against them in their first matchup a year ago.

My FanDuel.com roster for Nov. 4:

PG Damian Lillard, Trail Blazers vs. Cleveland ($8,100)
PG Kyrie Irving, Cavaliers at Portland ($7,800)
SG Eric Bledsoe, Suns at L.A. Lakers ($7,700)
SG Wesley Matthews, Trail Blazers vs. Cleveland ($5,900)
SF Trevor Ariza, Rockets at Miami ($6,100)
SF Chris Copeland, Pacers vs. Milwaukee ($5,100)
PF Ed Davis, Lakers vs. Phoenix ($4,300)
PF Terrence Jones, Rockets at Miami ($6,400)
C Nikola Vucevic, Magic at Chicago ($8,600)

Best values

Ed Davis, PF, Lakers vs. Phoenix ($4,300)

I've gone to this well a bunch through the first week and have yet to come up dry. He is averaging 12.0 points and 6.8 rebounds per game and has scored in double figures each time out, despite playing 22 or fewer minutes in three of the four games. He has a limited ceiling overall given his place on the team's totem pole, but he also put up 37.3 FanDuel Fantasy points against the Suns last week and should at least surpass his dollar value, as he has done each game so far.

Jimmy Butler, SG, Bulls vs. Orlando ($6,000)

Butler might be the fourth or fifth offensive option some nights for the Bulls. That's how deep this roster is. However, with Derrick Rose's status iffy due to some ankle issues, Butler could be featured yet again tonight, as he was in dropping 24 points on the Timberwolves Saturday. And, if Rose does play, at least we still know Butler is going to play huge minutes and fill up the box score with rebounds and steals. At $6,000, and with eight shooting guards costing more, Butler should make sense tonight against a Magic team that has been among the most foul-happy in the league so far.

Jordan Hill, Lakers vs. Phoenix ($5,800)

Carlos Boozer still costs more than either Jordan Hill or Ed Davis. This seems wrong. Hill has scored at least 20 FanDuel Fantasy points in each game so far, and has become something of a go-to scorer for the Lakers in recent games. That probably won't be sustainable, but he does fill a specific need for the Lakers, so playing time shouldn't be an issue. Nine centers cost more than Hill tonight, which means he should provide solid return on investment if you want to go cheap here.

Overpay of the night

Derrick Rose, PG, Bulls vs. Orlando ($7,900)

Rose could play tonight, and might even play well, but there's a lot of ifs involved here. The Magic haven't been particularly good defensively so far, and that might not change Tuesday, but that still doesn't mean Rose will be worth this price. Kyrie Irving costs $100 less despite averaging 5.6 more FanDuel Fantasy points per game, and doesn't come with the the injury concerns or minutes limit Rose does. You're probably also better off going with guys like Brandon Knight ($7,500), Reggie Jackson ($7,200) or even Donald Sloan ($5,600) over Rose tonight. Eventually, the price will be right for Rose, but we just aren't at that point yet.

Daily mailbag

Want to ask Chris Towers your lineup questions? Corner him at @CTowersCBS and he's all yours!

@KSFantasysports: Time to worry about Damian Lillard???

CT: No. I guess I have to go into more detail than that, but I'm not sure what the point it. Lillard has proven over a the first two seasons of his career that he is one of the best scoring guards in the league, with a lethal first step and one of the top jump shots in the league. He's shooting just 26.8 percent from the field over three games, but that's not a reason to panic; he had a three-game stretch in mid-December last year where he shot just 30 percent too, and nobody was panicking then. He's got a great chance to turn things around beginning tonight.

@samknockers: Ty Lawson has me worried who do you think are viable pg trades for him?

CT: I spent the offseason comparing Lawson to John Wall, so it makes sense that Lawson apparrently borrowed Wall's jumper: 12.3 points per game is a bit surprising from Lawson, although he is still getting to the free throw line a ton and racking up solid assist numbers, so it's just a question of getting his shot to fall. Given his track record, I think he'll be just fine, and see no reason to sell low on him.

@gonzalesrenz: J.J. Redick or Avery Bradley?

CT: Call me crazy, but I don't think Redick is a 21.4 percent 3-point shooter all of a sudden. Still, Bradley's got a bigger role in his team's offense, and should produce a bit more. Neither passes or rebounds much, so it comes down to scoring and shooting, and I think Bradley will be a higher volume shooter this season.

Waiver wire flier

Sebastian Telfair, G, Thunder

There's probably a reason Telfair spent the 2013-14 season out of the NBA, but he's got a consistent role right now, which shouldn't be ignored. He simply hasn't been a good NBA player in his career, which is now in its 10th season, but he is getting the chance to run the offense for a Thunder team that has been ravaged by injuries. You probably won't have him on your roster for more than a few weeks, but he has some value as a cheap source of assists as long as he is one of the only healthy bodies on OKC's roster.