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After a little three-game teaser last night, the NBA season kicks off in earnest Wednesday, with a 12-game schedule that gives you a ton of options for your FanDuel.com lineup.

Whereas you had few lineup combinations available to you Tuesday, you can build your lineup in any way you want tonight. Want to build around three $10,000 stars and then load up on scrubs to surround them? Go right ahead; there are more than enough players available. If you want a more balanced lineup, you've got plenty of choices too.

Me, I like to go balanced, as you can see below. With so many teams playing, the variety of choices makes this the best option, I think. If it turns out this is the wrong way to go about it, I'll have to re-evaluate my position.

The good thing about doing daily Fantasy is, you get a lot of chances for do-overs. If one strategy fails you, you have hundreds more to try out. But there are going to be certain fail-safe options you will see me fall back on in this space often.

I'm going to pick on the 76ers and Lakers. It's nothing personal, but these were the two worst defenses in the league last year by a healthy margin, and neither upgraded their personnel much in that regard. If I get the chance, I'm going to load my roster up against these teams, as you can see by the presence with a pair of Suns for Wednesday.

I'll be sharing more of my personal philosophy in the coming days, but for tonight, Suns and Pacers make pretty good bets to exceed expectations.

My roster for Oct. 29 at FanDuel.com:

PG John Wall, Wizards at Miami ($8,600)

PG Ty Lawson, Nuggets vs. Detroit ($8,100)

SG Alec Burks, Jazz vs. Houston ($5,100)

SG Eric Bledsoe, Suns vs. L.A. Lakers ($7,400)

SF C.J. Miles, Pacers vs. Philadelphia ($4,400)

SF Gerald Green, Suns vs. L.A. Lakers ($4,800)

PF Kenneth Faried, Nuggets vs. Detroit ($7,300)

PF Serge Ibaka, Thunder at Portland ($8,000)

C Roy Hibbert, Pacers vs. Philadelphia ($5,800)

Best values

Roy Hibbert, C, Pacers vs. Philadelphia ($5,800)

Yeah, I'm taking my own advice and starting Hibbert. Yes, I've seen Roy Hibbert play basketball in the last year. The last time we saw Hibbert he was averaging just 9.3 points and 5.5 rebounds per game in the playoffs, while posting 10 single-digit scoring games in 19 tries. Still, this is a new season and the Pacers have a new identity with Lance Stephenson and Paul George out of the picture. It might not be a great identity for winning games, but it might end up as a win for Hibbert's personal stock. George and Stephenson were two of the best wing rebounders in the league, and Hibbert will also be playing without David West to open the season. Throw in the #PhillyBump, and Roy could be a near lock for a double-double to open the season.

Klay Thompson, SG, Warriors at Sacramento ($6,400)

Thompson nearly scored 30 points per-36 minutes in the preseason, and could be in line for a huge season. The Kings haven't finished higher than 20th in team defensive rating since 2005-06. Klay averaged 23.5 points per game in four matchups with the Kings last season. And he's only the eighth-most expensive SG tonight? Yes, please.

Tony Wroten, PG, 76ers at Indiana ($5,500)

The Pacers should still be a killer defensive unit, but Wroten should at least open the season with a productive game. He averaged 17.8 points, 4.4 rebounds and 5.2 assists in 16 starts last season, including a 17-4-4 game against the Pacers in March.

Overpay of the night

Kobe Bryant, SG, Lakers Phoenix ($9,000)

I know the internet has beat up on Kobe a lot, and that isn't fair, but I'm just skeptical. There is already talk of a vague minutes limit for him, and you have to think he'll at least take it a little easier on the second-half of back-to-backs at this point. I don't want to pick on Kobe, but it isn't my fault the league forced them to go to Phoenix one night after their season-opener. Eric Bledsoe could devour him, and it's just hard to justify investing in Bryant as the ninth-most expensive player.

Daily mailbag


@CTowersCBS 12 team roto 8 cat. I just offered Lance Stephenson, Dwyane Wade, Anderson Varejeo, Andrew Iguodala & Norris Cole for LeBron James. Trying to create a Lebron, Carmelo Anthony, Anthony Davis combo

I mean, if you can get someone to accept a trade like that, go for it. I'm not sure anyone is going to take a 5-for-1 trade like that, unless their depth is terrible. It would be a good trade, but I doubt you will be able to get LeBron without giving back a potential first-round talent, and there are none here.


@CTowersCBS bogut or adams 10tm 9cat h2h?

Bogut is the right call here. Adams might have more upside based on his youth, but his rookie season doesn't give much indication that he is a Fantasy contributor in the making. He will likely play right around 25 minutes per game even as a starter, given his youth and propensity for fouling. He averaged 6.1 fouls per-36 minutes last season.


@CTowersCBS Should i trade away David West and Jonas Valanciunas for Mike Conley and Markieff Morris? Do you rank Kieff' or West the highest? (H2H Points)

I have West ranked higher than Morris this season, but I think I would still pull the trigger on this trade. Conley is probably the best player in the deal, and I think I like Morris more than Valanciunas as well, assuming you have the depth to replace him at center.

Waiver-wire flier

Tony Wroten, G, 76ers

Wroten should get the start at point guard for the first two weeks of the season, and he excelled in that role last season. The Sixers are even more bereft of talent this season than last, so Wroten should get plenty of shots even when he isn't starting. He is available in 24 percent of CBSSports.com leagues right now, and should be a starting option until Michael Carter-Williams makes his return