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One thing the daily grind can teach you is that you really don't know anything. Think you can predict which games will be blowouts and which will be close on any given night? Not a chance. Think the Hawks are going to start resting their starters as a given on every back-to-back? Joke's on you, bud!

Sure, you can look at the Vegas lines for each game and try to figure out which games will be close and which will have high scores, and all of that, but even that might not be too helpful at this point in the season. Seven of the 12 games on the way Wednesday feature lines with a spread of 6.5 points or more as of Tuesday evening, and that is before we know who is or isn't getting their dose of late-season rest. At this point in the season, you can't think about setting your lineup until the last possible minute, when you have access to as many lineups as possible.

Uncertainty often dominates the daily Fantasy landscape, but it feels like it is getting harder and harder to pin down than ever before. If my lineup falls on its collective face today, at least I'll have a built-in excuse: "Aw, come on guys, it was an April Fool's Joke!"

So I've got that going for me, which is nice.

Tonight's schedule

Detroit at Charlotte
Combined FanDuel points allowed per game: 391.2
The Hornets might be the one team capable of keeping Andre Drummond off the offensive boards, but maybe not with Al Jefferson hobbled by a knee injury.

San Antonio at Orlando
Combined FanDuel points allowed per game: 392.3
Spurs are on the second night of a back-to-back, so you know you can't rely on anyone until we get official word about who is and isn't playing.

Philadelphia at Washington
Combined FanDuel points allowed per game: 392.8
I generally don't love big men against the Wizards -- they don't attack the rim enough to get blocked much -- but Nerlens Noel did have 42.1 FanDuel points against them the last time they matched up in late February. In retrospect that looks like the beginning of his ascent up the Fantasy ranks.

Indiana at Boston
Combined FanDuel points allowed per game: 388.5
C.J. Miles' value will depend heavily on whether Rodney Stuckey's ailing wrist keeps him out on the second night of a back-to-back.

Brooklyn at New York
Combined FanDuel points allowed per game: 396.6
Brook Lopez should continue to rack up huge numbers against a wildly overmatched frontcourt that has already seen him average 41.2 FanDuel points in three previous games.

San Antonio at Orlando
Combined FanDuel points allowed per game: 392.3
Spurs are on the second night of a back-to-back, so you know you can't rely on anyone until we get official word about who is and isn't playing.

Sacramento at Houston
Combined FanDuel points allowed per game: 402.0
Rudy Gay isn't going to play after suffering a concussion, and DeMarcus Cousins sounds like he could keep resting, so there is a lot of potentail value to be found on Sacramento's roster, in what could be the fastest game of the night.

Chicago at Milwaukee
Combined FanDuel points allowed per game: 387.4
Derrick Rose took contact in a five-on-five scrimmage Tuesday, and could be ready to make a return to action. Though that seems unlikely, you probably want to keep an eye on his status just to make sure before you go with any other Bulls tonight.

Toronto at Minnesota
Combined FanDuel points allowed per game: 401.9
As long as Kyle Lowry's back continues to keep him sidelined, DeMar DeRozan makes for a great play, especially against this defense.

Dallas at Oklahoma City
Combined FanDuel points allowed per game: 391.7
Enes Kanter had 34.6 FanDuel points the last time these two met up, a solid total at a $7,000 price tag.

Denver at Utah
Combined FanDuel points allowed per game: 389.0
I honestly don't know what to make of this one in light of the Nugget's 101-97 win over the Jazz last week. Ty Lawson managed to score 40.3 FanDuel points in that one, and is starting to show signs of life.

LA Clippers at Portland
Combined FanDuel points allowed per game: 384.9
LaMarcus Aldridge is averaging 43.4 FanDuel points per game against the Clippers, who are on the second night of a back-to-back, so he should continue to be a solid play

New Orleans at LA Lakers
Combined FanDuel points allowed per game: 397.0
I'm not too worried about what the potential return of Ryan Anderson might mean for the Pelicans, so don't be afraid of putting Anthony Davis out there if you want him. Anderson's minutes should be limited even if he plays.

My roster for April 1 at FanDuel.com:

PG Reggie Jackson, Pistons at Charlotte ($8,600)
PG Jordan Clarkson, Lakers vs. New Orleans ($7,300)
SG DeMar DeRozan, Raptors at Minnesota ($8,000)
SG Joe Johnson, Nets at New York ($5,600)
SF Gordon Hayward, Jazz vs. Denver ($8,300)
SF Omri Casspi, Kings at Houston($3,700)
PF LaMarcus Aldridge, Trail Blazers vs. L.A. Clippers ($9,300)
PF Derrick Williams, Kings at Houston ($3,500)
C Steven Adams, Thunder vs. Dallas($5,700)

Best values

Reggie Jackson, PG, Pistons at Charlotte($8,600)

Yep, I'm sticking Jackson here for the second day in a row. Yesterday, I asked what price they would have to set for Jackson before I would have to stay away, and I'm still waiting on the answer. Based on Jackson's play since Greg Monroe's injury, the answer is probably another $1,000 away, especially against a pretty solid matchup like the one the Pistons have. The Hornets are allowing the 10th-most FanDuel points per game to opposing point guards over the last three weeks, and Jackson already torched them for 43.9 FanDuel points in just 34 minutes early in March, so don't expect them to be the ones to slow him down.

Jordan Clarkson, PG, Lakers vs. New Orleans($7,300)

I prefer to catch players before their price starts to rise, but I am willing to make an exception for Clarkson here, since he has been so good lately he is accidentally ruining the Lakers' tanking ambitions. It helps that Jeremy Lin has been fighting through an upper respiratory infection since last Friday; his absence has allowed Clarkson to blossom. Clarkson is averaging 38.4 FanDuel points per game over the last five, including 35.2 in 35.3 minutes per game in the three Lin did play. Clarkson has yet to have an opportunity to take on the Pelicans in a significant role this season, but there's nothing about the matchup that should scare you off. I might back off if Lin is able to play, but it isn't a sure thing even so.

Steven Adams, C, Thunder vs. Dallas($5,700)

Adams has been a rebounding machine of late, while racking up the biggest minute totals of his career over the last few weeks. He is averaging 11.4 points and 11.3 rebounds per game in 31.4 minutes over the last nine games, with seven double-digit rebounding games in that span. Curiously, one of the two games he didn't hit 10 rebounds in was March 16 against the Mavericks, but I'm betting he manages better tonight. The Mavericks continue to rate as one of the worst rebounding teams in the league; they rank 23rd in offensive rebounding rate and 29th on the defensive glass, so a double-double at a cheap price seems likely for Adams tonight.

Overpay of the night

Al Jefferson, C, Hornets vs. Detroit ($7,400)

After how dominant he was in the second half of last season, it has been dispiriting to see Jefferson struggle as much as he has this season. His production is still very solid overall, but he has been unable to match either the efficiency or workload from a year ago, when he willed the then-Bobcats to the playoffs. Injuries have played a big part in that, and this latest really seems to be impacting him. He had 54 points over two games Wednesday and Friday of last week, but has just 14 and 11 rebounds over the last two while dealing with a knee injury. He should have dominated the Celtics in the last game, but ended up with just 24 FanDuel points. Until his price goes down or Jefferson's knee heals -- according to coach Steve Clifford, don't hold your breath -- I can't touch Jefferson.

Daily mailbag

Want to get Chris' attention? Follow him on Twitter and ask all the questions your heart desires. You can also ask your questions in an email. Just shoot a note to fantasyhoops@cbsinteractive.com.

@kevtholomeu: Best replacement for Greg Monroe: Ersan Ilyasova, Jordan Hill, Brandan Wright, or Timofey Mozgov?

CT: Mozgov's production has really fallen off lately; he finished the month of March with just 13 blocks in 15 games, while averaging 5.1 rebounds per game, so we can scratch him from the list. Hill plays for the Lakers, which means you never really know when he'll get 30-plus minutes or a DNP-Coach's decision, so he's out too. Wright's per-minute production remains exceptional (11.6 points, 8.1 rebounds, 3.1 combined blocks and steals per-36 minutes in Phoenix), but he just doesn't get the minutes to make a difference. That leaves Ilyasova as the default option, though that undersells him quite a bit. As hard as it is to trust Ilyasova at this point in his career, he is averaging 17.0 points and 7.7 rebounds per game over the last 10 games, and should be the easy call here.

@rapsfan1237: In a keeper league, my season has wrapped up. I'm split between Nerlens Noel ($2) or Rudy Gobert ($1) in a $100 draft.

CT: The obvious answer is Gobert, who has been a one-man wrecking crew since the All-Star break, when he became the team's starting center. However, that undersells Noel's improvements in the second half, which have been substantial. Over the last four weeks, Noel actually rates out slightly better than Gobert in category-based formats, despite playing three fewer minutes per game. Gobert has his most significant edge in field-goal percentage (54.5 to 49.2) and rebounds per game (14.9 to 11.4), while also leading in free-throw percentage, blocks, assists and turnovers. However, his leads in those last three are minimal, whereas Noel has Gobert beat significantly in points per game (14.4 to 10.9), and steals (2.5 to 0.9), which helps bridge the gap quite a bit. Gobert is the right call here, and the $1 difference doesn't factor into it, but it isn't as obvious as conventional wisdom might dictate, thanks to Noel's own improvements.