Draft prep: Southeast Division Preview

Heading into the start of the NBA preseason, we offer a team-by-team look, including projected starting lineups and what to watch for in October as each team sets their rotations for the start of the regular season on Oct. 28.

Southeast Division

Atlanta Hawks

Expected Starters: PG Mike Bibby, SG Joe Johnson, SF Marvin Williams, PF Josh Smith, C Al Horford
What to watch: Who steps up for Josh Childress?
Fantasy Analysis: The Hawks are a solid up-and-coming team with a set starting lineup. They have above average players 1-5 and should be able to take the next step this season. One of the only question marks they have is who will replace the void off the bench left by Josh Childress' departure to Greece in the offseason. Someone has to replace the 11.8 points, 4.9 rebounds and 1.5 assists he contributed off the bench, but no one is sure who that will be just yet. Odds are that Maurice Evans plays a similar role to Childress as a swingman off the bench to provide some occasional scoring, but there could be something we aren't seeing yet.

Charlotte Bobcats

Expected Starters: PG Raymond Felton, SG Jason Richardson, SF Gerald Wallace, PF Emeka Okafor, C Nazr Mohammed
What to watch: Raymond Felton vs. D.J. Augustin
Fantasy Analysis: The point guard job is said to be an open battle between incumbent Raymond Felton and D.J. Augustin. Augustin was taken in the first round of this summer's NBA Draft and there have even been some rumors to indicate that the Bobcats have talked about shipping Felton away to clear the path for Augustin. That's unlikely. Felton is likely going to keep his starting job, but there is already reason for him to start looking over his shoulder. Team brass isn't thrilled with his development through three seasons.

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Miami Heat

Expected Starters: PG Marcus Banks, SG Dwyane Wade, SF Shawn Marion, PF Michael Beasley, C Mark Blount
What to watch: Marcus Banks vs. Chris Quinn vs. Mario Chalmers; Michael Beasley/Shawn Marion; Mark Blount vs. Udonis Haslem
Fantasy Analysis: There is plenty to look out for in Miami this October. For one thing, the starting point guard job is up for grabs. Marcus Banks seems to be the early favorite to win the job, but Chris Quinn did a solid job of filling in for a lame duck team late last season. He averaged 11.6 points and 4.9 assists in 25 games as a starter last season and that was with without Dwyane Wade to pass the ball to. Mario Chalmers did not do himself any favors by getting in trouble at the Rookie Symposium, but he has an outside shot of starting as well. Then there is the chance that the Heat pick up a big name like Stephon Marbury or Jamaal Tinsley as well. It will also be interesting to see how two similar type players like Shawn Marion and Michael Beasley play together. The Heat are going to move Beasley to small forward, allowing the rookie to play mostly at the four. But there is also a chance the team could start Udonis Haslem and bring Beasley off the bench at least to start the season. Haslem can also play the center spot if the Heat play small.

Orlando Magic

Expected Starters: PG Jameer Nelson, SG Keith Bogans, SF Hedo Turkoglu, PF Rashard Lewis, C Dwight Howard
What to watch: Hedo Turkoglu/Mickael Pietrus
Fantasy Analysis: Hedo Turkoglu was the value pick of the year last season in Fantasy Hoops and one of the biggest points of interest this fall will be to see if he can follow up on his breakout year. He's a potential letdown this season not because he could have a horrible year, but because he's going to be drafted so high off last year's numbers that it's more likely he'll underperform than exceed expectations. It doesn't help that the team signed another capable swingman this summer in Mickael Pietrus. Pietrus is a frustrated young scorer who was buried in the depth chart last season in Golden State and will get a chance for good minutes this season in Orlando. It's unlikely that an adverse effect on Turkoglu's numbers will be noticeable in the preseason, but it is worth watching.

Washington Wizards
Expected Starters: PG Antonio Daniels, SG DeShawn Stevenson, SF Caron Butler, PF Antawn Jamison, C Brendan Haywood
What to watch: Etan Thomas
Fantasy Analysis: Etan Thomas missed all of last season after needing to undergo heart surgery and Brendan Haywood enjoyed a breakout season of sorts in the meantime. Now, it will be Thomas who gets a chance to do what Haywood did a year ago with Haywood out until at least February with a torn ligament in his wrist. Haywood's recovery from his heart surgery, and his conditioning after missing an entire year are something to watch in the preseason. He'll likely be available in the late rounds with the possible upside of a No. 2 center.

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