Fantasy Basketball Draft Prep: Our final H2H points draft before the season opener

We're a week away from the start of the NBA season, and the dust has settled from the offseason.

Oh, sure, we don't know where Jimmy Butler will be playing. Or if Russell Westbrook or Devin Booker will be able to play when the season starts. No big deal -- just major questions about three of the first 23 picks in our latest and last mock draft before the season.

Typically, we try to do some mocks early to set a baseline, and then one right before the final draft weekend, to account for late-breaking news. This time around, we might need to do one more about two weeks into the season to officially let everything settle. It's been that kind of preseason.

Together with contributors from around the Fantasy hoops community, I took part in a 14-round, 12-team mock draft Tuesday, Oct. 9. This is for a standard CBS Fantasy H2H points league, with one point for every point, rebound, steal and block; two for assists and minus-one for every turnover. These results can help guide you through your upcoming draft.

Here's who took part in the draft:

  1. Mike Passador,
  2. David Leggieri,
  3. Ken Crites,
  4. Juan Carlos Blanco,
  5. Dan Besbris,
  6. Alex Rikleen,
  7. Alex Barutha,
  8. Jeff Edgerton,
  9. Mike Gallagher,
  10. Mike Barner,
  11. Chris Towers, CBS Fantasy
  12. Nick Whalen,
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