Fantasy Basketball Trade Values: Improve your team at midseason with our Trade Chart

The Trade Value Chart is a tool to help evaluate potential trades. The basic idea is simple: Add up the scores of two players, and that sum is roughly the amount of value you should look to get back in any trade.

For example, a trade of Eric Gordon (13 points) and Donovan Mitchell (20 points) is approximately fair value for either Andre Drummond (33 points) or the package of Dario Saric (19 points) and Lauri Markkanen (14 points).

In a sense, this is just a rest of season ranking, except (hopefully) in a more useful format.

A few notes on how to best use the Trade Value Chart:

  • Fit is more important that "value": If your team loses value but improves in competitive categories, then your team gets better and you should make the trade.
  • This is a tool, not a rule: Similar to point 1, but it's important. Don't reject a trade simply because you might lose a couple points in value. This is a tool designed to facilitate trades, not to discourage them.
  • League size matters more than Roto vs. H2H, pt. 1: For the overwhelming majority of players, trade value is identical whether you play roto or H2H. The only players for whom it makes a significant difference are the ones with glaring negatives in a single category – think James Harden's turnovers, or DeAndre Jordan's free throws. The rankings below are for roto, and players are listed with an asterisk if their value would change significantly for H2H. Other than those few asterisked players, the difference between the two is not addressed here.
  • League size matters more than Roto vs. H2H, pt. 2: In shallower leagues, the difference between the 30th-ranked fantasy player and the 40th-ranked fantasy player is more important. The Trade Value Chart shows trade values for managers in 12- and eight-team leagues. If you play in a league with more than 12 teams, then every player's score should increase. If you play in a league with fewer than eight teams, then every player's score should decrease.

That's enough preamble – let's get to the chart. This assumes nine categories, but most players' values would be very similar in eight-category leagues. After the chart, I've included a few paragraphs about how the Trade Value Chart was constructed.

Name12-Team Trade Value8-Team Trade Value
Stephen Curry9697
Anthony Davis8073
Kevin Durant7972
James Harden*7062
Giannis Antetokounmpo6859
Karl-Anthony Towns6657
LeBron James*6251
Jimmy Butler6150
Chris Paul5746
DeMarcus Cousins*5543
Victor Oladipo5442
Kyrie Irving5036
Paul George5036
Russell Westbrook*4935
DeMar DeRozan4834
Damian Lillard4430
Kevin Love4128
Nikola Jokic3827
Joel Embiid*3625
Draymond Green3625
Kawhi Leonard3625
Jrue Holiday3524
Gary Harris3424
Bradley Beal3424
Clint Capela*3424
Andre Drummond*3323
LaMarcus Aldridge3222
Kristaps Porzingis3021
John Wall*3021
Kyle Lowry2920
Khris Middleton2920
Hassan Whiteside2920
Tyreke Evans2819
Kemba Walker2719
Nikola Vucevic2618
Otto Porter2618
Klay Thompson2618
Josh Richardson2618
Lou Williams2517
C.J. McCollum2517
Myles Turner2517
Steven Adams2416
Marc Gasol2416
Mike Conley2416
Eric Bledsoe2316
DeAndre Jordan*2215
Jamal Murray2215
Rudy Gobert2215
Serge Ibaka2114
Trevor Ariza2114
Lonzo Ball*2114
Devin Booker2114
Blake Griffin2114
Ben Simmons*2114
Donovan Mitchell2013
Robert Covington2013
Al Horford2013
Aaron Gordon2013
Dario Saric1913
Kent Bazemore1913
Nikola Mirotic1712
Tobias Harris1712
Dennis Schroder1712
Jayson Tatum1611
Gerald Green1611
J.J. Redick1611
Dirk Nowitzki1611
Jeff Teague1611
Harrison Barnes1611
Darren Collison1510
Taj Gibson1510
Kris Dunn1510
Taurean Prince1510
Jonas Valanciunas1510
Tim Hardaway Jr.1510
Lauri Markkanen1410
E'Twaun Moore149
Derrick Favors149
Evan Fournier149
Elfrid Payton149
Paul Millsap149
Domantas Sabonis139
Enes Kanter139
Eric Gordon139
Trey Lyles139
Wayne Ellington139
John Collins139
D'Angelo Russell*139
Rondae Hollis-Jefferson138
Carmelo Anthony138
Spencer Dinwiddie128
Courtney Lee128
T.J. Warren128
Kentavious Caldwell-Pope128
Malcolm Brogdon128
Joe Ingles128
Dwight Powell128
Rajon Rondo128
Reggie Jackson128
Brook Lopez128
Jeremy Lamb127
Will Barton127
Bogdan Bogdanovic117
Tyler Johnson117
Kelly Oubre Jr.117
Wesley Matthews117
Kyle Kuzma117
Thaddeus Young117
Nicolas Batum117
Andrew Wiggins117
Willie Cauley-Stein117
Rudy Gay117

The basic framework for this chart, and the first draft of player values, was made from algorithm that heavily weights production from this season, and in particular production from the past month. The algorithm also builds the rough framework that says "in a 12-team league, the 60th ranked player should have a score of approximately 19; in an eight-team league, that player should have a score of approximately 12."

After the algorithm spits out a first draft, the rest of the work has to be done 'by hand' – just me, analyzing, one player at a time, and hoping desperately that I didn't accidently miss someone because my algorithm didn't like them.

If you have any questions or comments, as always feel free to leave a reply.

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