Fantasy Fast Break: Another Lopez looming?

Each week, Fantasy Basketball Writer Sergio Gonzalez takes a look at situations that Fantasy owners should monitor over the course of the upcoming week. Have a look at the top storylines in Fantasy hoops and how they might affect your team going forward.

Is Channing Frye being replaced as the starting center? Is Robin Lopez a viable Fantasy option?

Suns coach Alvin Gentry has been toying with the idea of moving Robin Lopez into the starting lineup at center over Channing Frye.

Starter or not, it does appear that Lopez is going to become more of a factor than he has at any point in his first two NBA seasons.

Heading into the week, Lopez posted back-to-back double-digit scoring performances. It was the first time in his NBA career that he has managed to do that, while also putting up some impressive block totals that included a six-block performance against Atlanta. Meanwhile, Frye was stuck in neutral with three straight singlie-digit scoring performances as his minutes took a hit.

The situation here is that while Frye has been a productive offensive presence for the Suns this season, averaging 12.2 points per game, he has not given the team much of an inside presence offensively or defensively. Lopez gives the team more size up front and a good defensive body to put up against some of the better offensive centers in the league.

This looks like a time-share in the making, which would not be good news for either player in terms of their Fantasy appeal as it could lead to erratic results from both players.

But keep an eye on Lopez, who does not have nearly the upside that his brother Brook of the New Jersey Nets does, but is slowly picking up steam and gaining the favor coach Gentry. If he can turn this split into more of a 60-40 split than a 50-50 split in his favor because of his defense, he could suddenly become a decent No. 2 center while Frye would become an afterthought.

Is Omri Casspi's run as a prominent Fantasy option over?

The return of Kevin Martin has had a negative impact on Casspi, so much so that it was reported Casspi got into it with his coach over the weekend about how he was being used.

How's that for a rookie having confidence in himself?

Casspi played so well while Martin was out that he had emerged as one of the leading candidates for Rookie of the Year, averaging 14.1 points, 5.0 rebounds and 1.4 assists in December. Martin's first two games back from his wrist injury resulted in fewer touches for the first-year player and just 12 points combined against the Sixers and Wizards.

It could be that Casspi could still carve out enough of a niche that he could retain some of the Fantasy appeal he gained over the first couple of months of the season, but keep in mind that along with the return of Martin adding another shot hog into the mix, the Kings are not currently getting a lot from Jason Thompson, something that could easily change in coming games.

Casspi's run of Fantasy prominence may quickly be coming to an end, but this week will go a long way toward determining where he will stand.

Is Boris Diaw back? How productive can he be?

As much as possible, we have been telling Fantasy owners to be patient with Boris Diaw through his struggles through the first half of the season.

Well, it looks like it may be about to pay off. But it's too early to pat ourselves on the back.

Diaw came in to Week 13 averaging 14.6 points, 7.6 rebounds and 5.0 assists in his previous five games. He got 40 minutes per contest in those games and Fantasy owners once again got a chance to see the type of well-rounded production he is capable of when he is playing with confidence in a significant role.

But that does not mean Diaw is all the way back just yet. Much of the reason why he saw his numbers drop for much of the first 30-plus games of the season are still present, namely Gerald Wallace and Stephen Jackson.

With two players in the mix that handle the ball, rebound and distribute, Diaw has looked out of sync while doing more watching than actively participating in the offense. He is a player that needs the ball to come through him in order to stay plugged into games, but that can't always happen with Wallace and Jackson around.

Lately, he has been able to get into the mix at the expense of Raymond Felton. Perhaps coach Larry Brown has finally found a way to get Diaw back into the mix while not cutting too much into the touches of other players.

If such a balance is struck in Charlotte, Fantasy owners could be getting a second-half hero in Diaw.

Is Carlos Delfino for real?

Despite not stepping into a starting role, Carlos Delfino has begun to see starter's minutes in Milwaukee in the absence of Michael Redd. He has certainly put up numbers worthy of a Fantasy starter.

Delfino's 28-point outburst against Utah this past Saturday, coming off six three pointers and 10 of 14 shooting from the field overall, may not be something Fantasy owners can expect from him on a regular basis, but what Fantasy owners can expect is for him to contiune to get around 35-40 minutes per game and double-digit shot attempts -- including plenty of looks from beyond the arc.

The Argentine offers the Bucks versatility, giving them a player that can play the two or the three. That guarantees him minutes, regardless of the matchups Milwaukee faces as he can be on the court if the team is playing big or small. And as long as he continues to provide the team with such a productive presence on the perimeter, expect the big minutes to continue.

With the Bucks facing a very favorable four-game slate in Week 13, we could see where Delfino's ceiling is as we expect some inflated stat lines out of most of Milwaukee's games this week against opponents that allow teams to run and put up numbers in the Raptors (a team Milwaukee will play twice) and Timberwolves specifically.

By the end of the week, we could be looking at one of the most added players off the waiver wire in Delfino.

Can Roy Hibert finally produce alongside Troy Murphy?

Roy Hibbert has shown that he can be a high-end Fantasy center when given the chance to contribute. Unfortunately, he has not really been given the chance while Troy Murphy has been healthy this season.

That could be changing, and it is something Fantasy owners should be paying close attention to this week.

The main issue with Hibbert's lack of production this season while Murphy has been healthy has had nothing to do with his ability, instead a lack of consistent playing time which has led to erratic results. Recently, the Pacers have looked willing to give him more playing time alongside Murphy and it is turning into steady and consistent production.

Hibbert is averaging under 25 minutes per game this season, but got 30-35 minutes against the Nets and Hornets this past week, which led to a couple of good stat lines -- including a career-high 27 points and 10 boards against New Orleans.

Coming into Week 13, Hibbert posted three straight useful lines and has earned himself a more prominent role. Murphy's offensive numbers have taken a hit in those games in terms of his own consistency, but overall both players have been able to turn in very useful numbers.

If the Pacers have finally figured out a way to keep both players happy up front, it could make Fantasy owners just as happy.

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