Jazz's Rudy Gobert: Remains at odds with Mitchell

According to Shams Charania and Tony Jones of The Athletic, Gobert and Donovan Mitchell remain at odds over Gobert's role in the coronavirus saga.

Last month, Gobert became the first player known to test positive for the virus, and he was openly reckless about his contact with other players, as well as the Jazz media in the days leading up to the NBA shutdown. In a video call with Good Morning America on Mar. 16, Mitchell expressed his displeasure with Gobert, and the Jazz are now working to repair the relationship between their two stars. "It doesn't appear salvageable," said one source cited in The Athletic's report, though the organization remains hopeful that, in time, the two will find common ground. Teammate Joe Ingles implied that he believes Gobert and Mitchell will eventually mend their relationship. "I'm confident our team is going to be totally fine," Ingles said. "I heard Donovan's response (on GMA), or whatever it was, to that question, and a part of that is on Donovan and Rudy to sort out if he's frustrated with him or whatever. But I have no doubt when we go back to training, or when our season starts again, our team is going to be what we have been and what we are. ... I'm confident our team will be completely fine. The chemistry will be fine."

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