James' two-way deal with the Suns, which allows him to spend up to 45 days with the team, is set to expire Wednesday, and management is yet to make a decision on his future, Dan Feldman of Yahoo Sports reports.

As a two-way player, James is only allowed to spend a maximum of 45 days with the Suns for the entire season, but since he's been with Phoenix since opening night, he's burned through that allotment in as little time as possible. While GM Ryan McDonough has publicly stated that the Suns intend to keep James around, it's unclear how, exactly, the organization would go about doing that, as his deal would have to be converted to a standard NBA contract, and a full-time roster spot would need to be created. If Phoenix decides to go that route, it could cut a young player like Derrick Jones, Jr. or 2017 second-rounder Davon Reed, though the Suns would likely try to avoid severing ties with an unproven asset. Alternatively, Phoenix could engineer a trade to free up a roster spot -- the recently acquired Greg Monroe comes to mind as one potential option -- or simply send James to the G-League for the time being. A resolution of some sort is expected to come before midnight Wednesday, so the situation is worth monitoring throughout the evening.

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