The free agency impacts on Fantasy

Mike Bibby is an unrestricted free agent after this season, but the Hawks guard is not concerned about his next paycheck right now. He just wants to help his team advance in the playoffs.

For Bibby, personal success should not be the measure of a player's value when evaluating him as a free agent. He said being a leader on a playoff team shows more about how good a player really is when determining his worth.

"The better you do as a team, the better it is," Bibby said during Atlanta's first-round playoff series against the Heat. "I don't think it's about my individual play. I think it's how the team does. I'm only worried if we win or not."

Bibby is one of several high-profile free agents after this season. Even though most NBA executives are looking forward to the class of 2010 when LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh could be among the many elite stars on the market, this year's group has some talented players.

The top unrestricted free agents include: Bibby, Ron Artest, Ben Gordon, Grant Hill, Allen Iverson, Jason Kidd, Shawn Marion, Andre Miller, Lamar Odom and Rasheed Wallace.

The top restricted free agents include: Raymond Felton, Jarrett Jack, David Lee, Paul Millsap, Nate Robinson, Ramon Sessions, Charlie Villanueva, Hakim Warrick and Marvin Williams.

And the top players who could invoke early termination (ETO), player (P) or team (T) options in their contracts to become free agents include: Kobe Bryant (ETO), Jamal Crawford (ETO), Marquis Daniels (T), Michael Finley (P), Al Harrington (P), Zydrunas Ilgauskas (ETO), Jermaine O'Neal (P), Mehmet Okur (ETO), Hedo Turkoglu (ETO) and Anderson Varejao (P).

It's unlikely that Bryant leaves the Lakers or O'Neal leaves the Heat, but Turkoglu said he would likely invoke his option because he's owed just $7.3 million next year. The same goes for Boozer, who is owed $12.6 million next year. Both want to cash in before the big spending spree next offseason, and there are also concerns about the current economy.

It should be fun for Fantasy owners to see what changes will happen this offseason because the value for players who switch teams will fluctuate. For example, Iverson should become Fantasy relevant again when he leaves Detroit, but we hope Lee stays with the Knicks and coach Mike D'Antoni for as long as possible.

Editor's note: Below is a list of all the restricted and unrestricted free agents this offseason. The Fantasy value for "Players We Want to Stay" reflects players if they were to return to their current team. The Fantasy value for "Players We Want to Go" is for players who would improve on a different team or open up a spot for a potential backup.

Atlanta Hawks
Restricted: Thomas Gardner, Othello Hunter, Mario West, Josh Childress, Solomon Jones, Marvin Williams
Unrestricted: Zaza Pachulia, Mike Bibby, Ronald Murray
Players We Want to Stay: Bibby appears to have found a home with the Hawks. His stats (14.9 points, 5.0 assists and 3.5 rebounds) dipped slightly from his best days with Sacramento, but he remains a starting Fantasy option in all formats and would continue in that role if he came back to Atlanta.
Players We Want to Go: Williams would do better in a power forward role than playing small forward for the Hawks. He would be a better scorer in that position and also improve his rebounding. Murray also has proven he can be a quality scorer and would do well to join a team where he could get more playing time.

Boston Celtics
Restricted: Glen Davis, Leon Powe
Unrestricted: Eddie House (P), Stephon Marbury, Mikki Moore
Players We Want to Stay: While Davis might be better off with more playing time, another team likely won't use him in the right role. Davis has improved with Kevin Garnett (knee) out for the playoffs, and he's earned a shot at more playing time next year. Davis should be considered a sleeper coming into next season as a key role player.
Players We Want to Go: Marbury looked lost with the Celtics this year, and he could return to prominence with the right team. He may never become an elite Fantasy option again, but we know after his experience in Boston this isn't the right fit. Marbury also needs a full offseason and training camp with his new team to get in shape.

Charlotte Bobcats
Restricted: Raymond Felton, Cartier Martin, Sean May, Sean Singletary (T)
Unrestricted: Juwan Howard
Players We Want to Stay: None
Players We Want to Go: Felton has developed into a standout point guard and a tremendous Fantasy option. But with D.J. Augustin waiting in the wings, we'd like Felton to move on and give us another starting guard. Felton will still do well if he ends up in the right system, and Augustin has the chance to shine as the Bobcats starter.

Chicago Bulls
Restricted: Aaron Gray
Unrestricted: Ben Gordon, Lindsey Hunter, Jerome James (P), Linton Johnson
Players We Want to Stay: Gordon continued to show he's one of the best scoring guards in the NBA, and playing alongside Derrick Rose for a few more years would only enhance his game. He's never going to post overwhelming stats in rebounds or assists, but Gordon is a great source of three-pointers and can score with anyone in the league.
Players We Want to Go: Gray is 7-feet tall and played well in college at Pittsburgh, but he's been a bust with the Bulls. He may be a bust no matter where he ends up, but we'll never know unless he gets playing time. And that's never going to happen in Chicago with Joakim Noah, Brad Miller and Tyrus Thomas.

Cleveland Cavaliers
Restricted: None
Unrestricted: Zydrunas Ilgauskas (ETO), Joe Smith, Wally Szczerbiak, Anderson Varejao (P), Lorenzen Wright
Players We Want to Stay: Ilgauskas continues to be a serviceable Fantasy center and would remain a starter if he returned. If Varejao left, that would enhance Ilgauskas' value. The same goes for Varejao if Ilgauskas left. If both come back, we still like Ilgauskas as a No. 2 Fantasy center and Varejao as a reserve.
Players We Want to Go: Szczerbiak was terrible with the Cavaliers this year as LeBron James' backup, but he can still be a good scorer in the right situation. Szczerbiak has four seasons in his career averaging at least 15 points per game, so he could return as a No. 4 Fantasy option if goes to a new team.

Dallas Mavericks
Restricted: Ryan Hollins
Unrestricted: Brandon Bass, Devean George (P), Gerald Green, Jason Kidd, James Singleton
Players We Want to Stay: Kidd continues to be a triple-double threat despite his scoring average (9.0) being the lowest it's been in his career this season. Still, he averaged 8.7 assists, 6.2 rebounds and 2.0 steals, which makes him a standout option in rotisserie formats, and that would continue if he stays in Dallas.
Players We Want to Go: Unless the Mavericks were going to let Bass start at center for Erick Dampier, he should go to a team where he can start at power forward and turn into a double-double threat. Bass has proven he can score and rebound in limited spurts, but playing behind Dirk Nowitzki limits his ability to help Fantasy owners.

Denver Nuggets
Restricted: Linas Kleiza, Johan Petro
Unrestricted: Chris Andersen, Anthony Carter, Jason Hart, Steven Hunter (ETO), Dahntay Jones
Players We Want to Stay: Andersen might never be anything more than a Fantasy reserve, but he's a potential Rotisserie option for blocked shots and rebounds. He has turned his career around with Denver, and he could be a useful Fantasy reserve in all leagues as an injury replacement for Nene and Kenyon Martin.
Players We Want to Go: Kleiza will never develop into the potential Fantasy option he could be with the Nuggets. He plays behind Carmelo Anthony and only gets quality production when Anthony is hurt. In the right scenario, Kleiza could be a No. 4 Fantasy forward.

Detroit Pistons
Restricted: Walter Herrmann
Unrestricted: Kwame Brown (P), Allen Iverson, Antonio McDyess, Rasheed Wallace
Players We Want to Stay: McDyess and Wallace should come back to the Pistons. McDyess had his best production in years after coming back to the Pistons following the trade to Denver last year. And Wallace would continue as a No. 2 Fantasy center with the Pistons, where he can shoot threes and still average close to a double-double.
Players We Want to Go: Iverson is gone, and the worst thing to happen in his career was coming to Detroit. Iverson needs a team where he can hold the ball and create his own shots. He might never return as a No. 1 Fantasy guard, but he can still score and be a starting option in all leagues depending on where he ends up.

Golden State Warriors
Restricted: Rob Kurz, C.J. Watson
Unrestricted: Jamal Crawford (ETO)
Players We Want to Stay: None
Players We Want to Go: There's no doubt Crawford is gone, and it's a shame he couldn't get along with Don Nelson. You always want scorers to play for teams like Golden State, but Crawford never fit in with Nellie. Don't worry about Crawford because he can be a No. 2 Fantasy guard wherever he ends up. But this could have been a dream scenario.

Houston Rockets
Restricted: None
Unrestricted: Ron Artest, Brian Cook (P), Von Wafer
Players We Want to Stay: Artest and Wafer played well once Tracy McGrady (knee) went down for the year, and McGrady might not be ready to start next season. That would allow Artest to remain a standout Fantasy option, and Wafer would continue in his role as a scorer for the Rockets. As long as McGrady is hurt, these two would shine.
Players We Want to Go: None

Indiana Pacers
Restricted: Jarrett Jack, Josh McRoberts
Unrestricted: Maceo Baston, Marquis Daniels (T), Travis Diener (P), Stephen Graham, Rasho Nesterovic
Players We Want to Stay: Jack averaged a career-best 13.1 points with the Pacers last year and worked well in tandem with T.J. Ford. The Pacers figured out Jack is more of a combo guard than a point guard and let him become a scorer. He would remain a No. 3 Fantasy guard with the Pacers but could get ruined on a new team.
Players We Want to Go: Daniels played well last year as an injury replacement for Mike Dunleavy (knee), but when Daniels got hurt, Brandon Rush took over. The Pacers have said Rush will start next year alongside Danny Granger, so playing time for Daniels will be limited. With a new team, he could be a solid Fantasy option and a great scorer.

Los Angeles Clippers
Restricted: Alex Acker (T), Steve Novak
Unrestricted: Ricky Davis (P), Fred Jones, Brian Skinner (P)
Players We Want to Stay: None
Players We Want to Go: Novak could develop into a decent three-point shooter in Rotisserie leagues after he made 119 last year, but he's never going to get the chance for consistent playing time with the Clippers. And Davis is horror show no matter what team he's on, but we don't want him to ruin Eric Gordon's development.

Los Angeles Clippers
Restricted: Shannon Brown
Unrestricted: Trevor Ariza, Kobe Bryant (ETO), Lamar Odom
Players We Want to Stay: Bryant might opt out of his contract, but he's not leaving the Lakers. And we'd like to see Odom return even though he'd be reduced to sixth man again with Andrew Bynum healthy. Odom has shown he can be a solid Fantasy option in any role as long as he's playing with Bryant.
Players We Want to Go: Brown could eventually be the heir apparent at point guard for the Lakers once Derek Fisher retires, but he's proven down the stretch this year that he can play and might shine with a different team. We also like Ariza with the Lakers, but he could turn into a quality scorer if he's out of Bryant's shadow.

Memphis Grizzlies
Restricted: Juan Carlos Navarro, Hakim Warrick
Unrestricted: Chris Mihm, Quinton Ross, Mike Wilks
Players We Want to Stay: None
Players We Want to Go: Warrick needs an opportunity to get consistent minutes, which the Grizzlies are reluctant to do. He averaged 13.4 points and 6.0 rebounds in seven games as a starter last year, and he averaged 16.3 points and 6.9 rebounds in 29 games as a starter two years ago. In the right situation, Warrick could be a No. 3 Fantasy forward.

Miami Heat
Restricted: Joel Anthony, Yakhouba Diawara (P), Jamario Moon, Chris Quinn (P)
Unrestricted: Mark Blount (ETO), Luther Head, Jamaal Magloire, Jermaine O'Neal (P)
Players We Want to Stay: O'Neal isn't going to opt out of his contract, so look for him to remain with the Heat for one more season, which is good for his Fantasy value. Moon also would do well staying in Miami because his athletic ability meshes well with Dwyane Wade. Moon can be a No. 4 Fantasy forward in a starting role.
Players We Want to Go: Quinn is never going to be a Fantasy relevant player, but he could be a No. 2 point guard on a bad team and eventually get some playing time when an injury occurs. He averaged 15.0 points and 6.5 assists for eight games in April in 2007-08 when the Heat won just 15 games and Quinn got to play as a starter.

Milwaukee Bucks
Restricted: Ersan Ilyasova, Ramon Sessions, Charlie Villanueva
Unrestricted: Malik Allen (P), Keith Bogans, Francisco Elson (P), Damon Jones
Players We Want to Stay: Sessions and Villanueva had breakout seasons last year and would remain starting Fantasy options with the Bucks. Sessions has more upside as the starting point guard, but Villanueva is still the best power forward on the roster. If they left it could make for a tougher situation for either of them to succeed.
Players We Want to Go: Jones used to be a good three-point shooter and could still help owners in Rotisserie leagues if he went to a team where he could play. From 2003-07, Jones made 667 three-pointers, an average of 133 per season. He made 225 in 2004 with the Heat, so maybe a reunion with Shaquille O'Neal would help his value.

Minnesota Timberwolves
Restricted: Bobby Brown (P)
Unrestricted: Rodney Carney, Jason Collins, Kevin Ollie, Shelden Williams
Players We Want to Stay: None
Players We Want to Go: Carney showed what he can do when given playing time in April when he averaged 15.8 points in five games. He got an extended look then due to injuries but will likely return to the bench if he stays with the team. If he goes to a team in need of a scorer, Carney could turn into a quality reserve option for Fantasy owners.

New Jersey Nets
Restricted: None
Unrestricted: Maurice Ager, Trenton Hassell (ETO), Jarvis Hayes (T)
Players We Want to Stay: None
Players We Want to Go: Hayes is a nice sixth man to have on a roster because he's a good scorer and won't hurt your team. But Fantasy owners should want Hayes to leave to open more playing time for Chris Douglas-Roberts, who would take Hayes' role behind Vince Carter. Douglas-Roberts has more upside and needs more minutes to develop his game.

New Orleans Hornets
Restricted: None
Unrestricted: Ryan Bowen, Devin Brown (P), Melvin Ely, Sean Marks
Players We Want to Stay: None
Players We Want to Go: None

New York Knicks
Restricted: David Lee, Nate Robinson
Unrestricted: Eddy Curry (ETO), Al Harrington (P), Quentin Richardson (ETO), Chris Wilcox
Players We Want to Stay: Lee, Robinson and Harrington all had career years in New York last year because of what Mike D'Antoni brought to the Knicks offense. Fantasy owners definitely want to see all three remain in this system, and all three would continue to be Fantasy stars if they stayed with D'Antoni.
Players We Want to Go: Curry is not suited for this offense and needs someplace where he can play in the post. He may never average 19.5 points and 7.1 rebounds like he did in 2006, but it won't happen in this system. Wilcox could also be a No. 4 Fantasy forward with a new team since he never fit in with the Knicks after a mid-season trade.

Oklahoma City Thunder
Restricted: None
Unrestricted: Damien Wilkins (ETO), Desmond Mason, Malik Rose, Robert Swift
Players We Want to Stay: None
Players We Want to Go: Mason was once a consistent double-figure scorer and averaged a career-high 17.2 points with Milwaukee in 2004. It's unlikely he'll score in double figures on a consistent basis again, but it will never happen with Kevin Durant, Jeff Green and Russell Westbrook in Oklahoma City. Wilkins also could use a fresh start.

Orlando Magic
Restricted: Marcin Gortat, Jeremy Richardson
Unrestricted: Adonal Foyle, Anthony Johnson (P), Tyronn Lue, Hedo Turkoglu (ETO)
Players We Want to Stay: Turkoglu has blossomed with the Magic and won the NBA's most improved player award last season, posting career numbers in points (19.5 points), rebounds (5.7) and assists (5.0). This season his numbers were slightly down across the board in scoring (16.8), rebounding (5.3) and assists (4.9), but he's become a Fantasy star.
Players We Want to Go: None

Philadelphia 76ers
Restricted: None
Unrestricted: Royal Ivey (P), Donyell Marshall, Andre Miller, Theo Ratliff, Kareem Rush
Players We Want to Stay: Miller had his third season of at least 16 points and six assists, and two of those have come in the past two years with the Sixers. He's not a flashy point guard and is 33 years old, but he continues to produce as a solid Fantasy guard in all scoring formats. Staying in Philadelphia would keep his value at a high level.
Players We Want to Go: None

Phoenix Suns
Restricted: Louis Amundson (T)
Unrestricted: Matt Barnes, Grant Hill, Stromile Swift
Players We Want to Stay: Hill played 82 games for the first time in his career and thrived once the Suns turned the reigns over to Alvin Gentry. Hill might be 37 when next year starts, but he can be a No. 4 Fantasy option in all formats if he stays in this system. It's too bad Hill waited this long to finally stay healthy for a full year.
Players We Want to Go: Barnes was never a good fit for the Suns and played out of place at power forward once Amar'e Stoudemire went down. With Stoudemire and Shaquille O'Neal back and if Hill returns along with Jason Richardson, Barnes will be a bench player and have limited Fantasy value.

Portland Trail Blazers
Restricted: Channing Frye
Unrestricted: Raef LaFrentz, Shavlik Randolph, Michael Ruffin
Players We Want to Stay: None
Players We Want to Go: Frye averaged 12.3 points and 5.8 rebounds as a rookie with the Knicks in 2005, but he hasn't come close to those stats again. He won't if he stays in Portland, which has an established frontcourt with Greg Oden, LaMarcus Aldridge and Joel Przybilla. In the right offense, Frye could be a double-double threat.

Sacramento Kings
Restricted: Ike Diogu, Rashad McCants
Unrestricted: Calvin Booth, Bobby Jackson, Cedric Simmons
Players We Want to Stay: Diogu has shown flashes of being a good scorer and rebounder, but he's never gotten consistent minutes. With the Kings lacking depth up front behind Spencer Hawes and Jason Thompson, Diogu can finally get the playing time he needs to develop as a reserve Fantasy option.
Players We Want to Go: McCants looks like an NBA bust, but he's never going to get a chance to prove otherwise with the Kings. Sacramento already has its shooting guards in place with Kevin Martin and Francisco Garcia, and both are better than McCants. He needs a team that will give him minutes, which would improve his Fantasy value.

San Antonio Spurs
Restricted: None
Unrestricted: Michael Finley (P), Drew Gooden, Ime Udoka, Jacque Vaughn
Players We Want to Stay: Finley is never going to return to his heyday when he was in Dallas, but he fills a good role as a scorer for the Spurs. He has the ability to average about 10 points per game and hit three-pointers in this offense, so a return to San Antonio keeps him as a quality Fantasy reserve.
Players We Want to Go: Gooden has the potential to be a double-double threat and a solid Fantasy option when he's in the starting lineup. That's never going to happen with the Spurs as long as Tim Duncan is around. If Gooden gets the right opportunity and can stay healthy, he'll produce in all Fantasy formats.

Toronto Raptors
Restricted: Carlos Delfino, Joey Graham
Unrestricted: Shawn Marion, Anthony Parker, Jake Voskuhl
Players We Want to Stay: Parker is never going to post outstanding stats, but he's been a serviceable reserve for Fantasy owners as the starting shooting guard for the Raptors. Toronto doesn't have anyone on the roster to replace Parker, so he could still be a No. 4 Fantasy option if he returns.
Players We Want to Go: Marion needs to find a new home and would do wonders being reunited with former coach Mike D'Antoni in New York. That's not likely to happen, but Marion needs to find an offense that fits his skills. He's been lost the past two years at stops in Miami and Canada.

Utah Jazz
Restricted: Paul Millsap, Kyrylo Fesenko (T)
Unrestricted: Morris Almond, Carlos Boozer (P), Jarron Collins, Brevin Knight, Kyle Korver (ETO), Mehmet Okur (ETO), Ronnie Price
Players We Want to Stay: Millsap, Okur and Korver. Okur has become a No. 1 Fantasy center in the Jazz offense with his ability to rebound and shoot three-pointers. Korver will be able to shoot in any offense, but he benefits from playing in an offense like this with good ball-movement. Millsap is tied to what happens to Boozer.
Players We Want to Go: Boozer has proven with stops in Cleveland and Utah that he's a double-double threat and solid low-post player in any system. So if he goes elsewhere that would allow Millsap to replace him as the starting power forward, and Fantasy owners would get two studs with one free agent move.

Washington Wizards
Restricted: None
Unrestricted: Juan Dixon, Mike James (P), Etan Thomas (ETO)
Players We Want to Stay: None. The Wizards will be healthy once again with Gilbert Arenas, Caron Butler, Antawn Jamison, DeShawn Stevenson and Brendan Haywood leading the way. None of these free agents will make an impact if they do return with Washington ready to rebound from a poor season under new coach Flip Saunders.
Players We Want to Go: James was once a decent Fantasy guard when he played in an offense where he could shoot at will. In 2005, he averaged 20.3 points and 5.8 assists with Toronto. While James will never post those stats again, he could be a No. 4 Fantasy guard with the right team.

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