Week 24 Fantasy Basketball Planner

Week 24 (April 6-11/14)

*Remember that there are no games on Monday, April 5. Lineup deadlines will therefore be on Tuesday night.

Nine-day Schedule (April 6-14)

Teams playing six games (16): Atlanta, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Detroit, Golden State, Houston, Memphis, Milwaukee, New York, Oklahoma City, Philadelphia, San Antonio, Toronto, Washington
Teams playing five games (14): Cleveland, Dallas, Denver, Indiana, L.A. Clippers, L.A. Lakers, Miami, Minnesota, New Jersey, Orlando, Phoenix, Portland, Sacramento, Utah

Six-day Schedule (April 6-11)

Teams playing four games (16): Atlanta, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, Golden State, Houston, Memphis, Milwaukee, New York, Oklahoma City, Philadelphia, San Antonio, Toronto, Washington
Teams playing three games (14): Dallas, Denver, Indiana, L.A. Clippers, L.A. Lakers, Miami, Minnesota, New Jersey, New Orleans, Orlando, Phoenix, Portland, Sacramento, Utah

Atlantic Division

Boston Celtics (@NY, @TOR, WAS, @MIL/@CHI, MIL): We like the matchups against the Knicks, Raptors and Wizards, with all three teams allowing 100-plus points per game. The Bucks, a team Boston will play twice, have lost Andrew Bogut for the remainder of the season and may be playing smaller lineups. That could benefit Kevin Garnett, but also Kendrick Perkins. He has been a poor Fantasy option in the second half, but he did have 15 points and five boards on Friday. In a pinch, he could be useful as an injury-replacement No. 2 center option. We wouldn't recommend him otherwise.
Shutdown Alert : Boston has clinched a playoff spot, but is still battling for the third seed in the East. They have little margin for error and likely won't be resting players until possibly the last couple of games.
New Jersey Nets (@MIL, CHI, @IND/CHA, @MIA): Terrence Williams is giving the Nets hope for the future, averaging a very solid 15-7-6 stat line over his last five games as he's finishing the season on a very high note. He's been producing steady numbers like this since early March and is a trustworthy option even at this stage of the season. The Nets only have three: Williams, Devin Harris, Brook Lopez. Yi Jianlian, Courtney Lee and Chris Douglas-Roberts have played well in recent games, but remain deeper league options due to their erratic tendencies.
Shutdown Alert: The Nets don't head into the week with any significant injuries, but they haven't had anything to play for since about December. Don't expect anybody to push through injuries this week, but there isn't anybody we recommend sitting for this reason.
New York Knicks (BOS, @IND, @ORL, MIA/WAS @TOR): The more favorable matchups for the Knicks this week come in the final two games of the season. If you play a nine-day format, your Knicks could be in for a stronger week than if you play a six-day week. The absence of Wilson Chandler (groin) has opened things up for Danilo Gallinari, but also Bill Walker. Walker is vastly available off the waiver wire and has turned in some solid numbers in the past week. He's a solid injury replacement.
Shutdown Alert:
The Knicks have nothing left to play for in the final days of the regular season, so any injuries could spell doom for Fantasy owners. Tracy McGrady is hurt (surprise, surprise) and has averaged just 7.6 points in his last five games. Avoid him at all costs. His mediocre upside does not warrant taking a risk on him. Al Harrington is battling a sore ankle. He played through it on Friday, but is a mild injury risk in weekly formats. He could be shut down at any point. Weigh your options.
Philadelphia 76ers (DET, @MIA, MIL, @MEM/MIA, @ORL):
The matchups aren't particularly attractive for the Sixers this week, so there is no reason to take any chances on anybody you haven't normally been starting. Jrue Holiday has been playing increasingly better as the season draws to a close and is starting to see heavy minutes in the 40-minute range. Even with Lou Williams back on Saturday, he dropped 25 points with seven assists and a rebound. He's a good start. Samuel Dalembert continues to be around 10-and-10 with a couple of blocks per game. Start or sit as usual. Elton Brand is averaging just around 12 points and five boards in his last five games.
Shutdown Alert:
The Sixers have nothing left to play for. Thaddeus Young remains day to day, but could be shut down at any point. Lou Williams is a minor setback away from being out for the year. Andre Iguodala made Fantasy owners feel a lot better by nearly posting a huge triple-double on Saturday night following a scare with a foot injury. He hasn't missed a game this season and has played all 82 games in all but one of his NBA seasons.
Toronto Raptors (@CLE, BOS, @ATL, CHI/@DET, NY):
Jose Calderon has been on a nice run in his last four games and while his erratic tendencies this year make him hard to trust, the Raptors seem to be gearing toward having the ball in his hands more than they have been at other times during the season. We say he's a strong start despite the headache he has been all year. Sonny Weems has been playing well as a starter alongside Jose Calderon with back-to-back big games this week against the Clippers and Sixers. He's an interesting sleeper off the wire this week despite his lack of a track record. He's in a situation to contribute right now and that is all that matters.
Shutdown Alert: No worries here. The Raptors are clinging to the eighth seed in the East with a chance to move up as high as the sixth seed. It will take more than a minor injury to keep them out.

Central Division

Top 10 Players Added
Player % Change
1. Reggie Williams, Warriors 10
2. Steve Blake, Clippers 5
3. Darko Milicic, Timberwolves 5
4. Mike Miller, Wizards 4
5. Taj Gibson, Bulls 4
6. Anthony Morrow, Warriors 4
7. Ronald Murray, Bulls 4
8. Channing Frye, Suns 3
9. Anthony Tolliver, Warriors 3
10. J.J. Hickson, Cavaliers 3

Chicago Bulls (MIL, CLE, @NJ, @TOR/BOS, @CHA): Joakim Noah is back in the starting lineup and has been able to put up excellent numbers in the team's last three games. The plantar fasciitis may or may not still be bothering him, but the numbers have been right around where they were in the first half of the season when Noah emerged as a No. 1-caliber Fantasy center. Brad Miller, we thank you for your service these last couple of months, but he's no longer an option. Taj Gibson, meanwhile, has not dropped off at all even with Noah and Deng back. He is averaging 14.6 points and 12.8 rebounds with two blocks in his last five games and is a virtual must-start. Luol Deng averaged 13 points and 6.5 rebounds in his first two games back from a long absence due to a calf injury. His minutes jumped from 28 to 38 in the second game, so we expect his numbers to increase as he looks ready to resume a primary role.
Shutdown Alert: The Bulls have absolutely no margin for error in the final days of the regular season. They enter the season 1 1/2 games behind the Raptors for the final playoff spot in the Eastern Conference. However, if the Bulls stumble and are eliminated, they could choose to rest players like Noah or Gibson, who are playing through foot injuries for the final game or two of the season. They remain worthy starts, but just be aware of that possibility in nine-day formats.
Cleveland Cavaliers (TOR, @CHI, IND, ORL/@ATL): With Shaquille O'Neal (thumb) out and Anderson Varejao (hamstring) sidelined, Zydrunas Ilgauskas has gotten a chance for around 25 minutes per game this past week, but he hasn't cracked double figures in scoring and outside of a 10-rebound game has not been very productive on the boards either. Avoid him. J.J. Hickson, however, has played well on both ends and makes for a viable start down the stretch.
Shutdown Alert: The Cavaliers have just about wrapped up the top record in the NBA, so expect to see minutes dwindle for everybody from LeBron James to Mo Williams as the team looks to stay healthy for the playoffs. They'll play enough minutes to stay sharp and therefore will still remain viable Fantasy plays, but don't expect their most productive weeks of the season.
Detroit Pistons (@PHI, ATL, @MIA, @CHA/TOR/@MIN): The Pistons are all sorts of banged up with Richard Hamilton (ankle), Jason Maxiell (back) and Ben Wallace (knee) all day to day entering Week 23. In their absence, we've seen Tayshaun Prince take on a very active role to the point where he has become the team's go-to guy. He's averaging a 18-6-5 stat line in his last five games. Ben Gordon showed some signs of life with a 21-point game against the Suns, but he shot 0 for 7 from the field in his next game at Atlanta. You just can't trust him in Fantasy right now. Jonas Jerebko has seen his minutes increase to around 35 minuets per game and is averaging around 11 points and seven boards over his last five games. Charlie Villanueva remains a huge disappointment.
Shutdown Alert: The Pistons have absolutely nothing left to play for, so lingering injuries to Hamilton, Maxiell and Wallace make them players to avoid in all leagues -- barring an improved prognosis by lineup deadlines.
Indiana Pacers (NY, @CLE, NJ/ORL, @WAS): Brandon Rush is not going to be a difference-maker in the final scoring period of the season, but he can be looked upon as a stopgap option. At least you know what to expect from him. He's been averaging around 12 points, three boards and three assists the last couple of weeks with over a block per game and minimal turnovers. Earl Watson continues to start at the point, but his numbers remain pedestrian at best.
Shutdown Alert: The Pacers don't have anything to play for in the final days of the regular season, but outside of T.J. Ford being out with a groin injury there are no real concerns here for Fantasy owners.
Milwaukee Bucks (@CHI, NJ, @PHI, BOS/ATL, @BOS): The Bucks took a big hit Saturday when Andrew Bogut injured his hand, wrist and elbow on a nasty fall against the Suns. He'll be gone for the season and that creates a big void in the front court. The plan will be to start Kurt Thomas at the center spot and he will have some mild level of appeal as an injury-replacement center for deeper leagues, but the veteran's upside is limited at best. The biggest Fantasy boost will likely go to Ersan Ilyasova. He is capable of averaging around 15 points and seven boards down the stretch. John Salmons will likely become more of a go-to scorer than ever.
Shutdown Alert: The Bucks are fighting for playoff seeding in the East. Outside of the last game or two of the regular season, they won't be looking to rest players.

Southeast Division

Sergio's top sleepers for Week 24
Player Start %
1. Tayshaun Prince, Pistons 50
2. Joakim Noah, Bulls 31
3. Beno Udrih, Kings 40
4. Taj Gibson, Bulls 38
5. Jose Calderon, Raptors 48
6. Ersan Ilyasova, Pistons 13
7. Jrue Holiday, 76ers 43
8. Jason Thompson, Kings 40
9. Mike Miller, Wizards 48
10. Bill Walker, Knicks 18

Atlanta Hawks (@CHA, @DET, TOR, @WAS/@MIL, CLE): Not much has changed for the Hawks going into the final scoring period of the season. Josh Smith, Al Horford, Jamal Crawford and Joe Johnson remain excellent Fantasy options while Marvin Williams and Mike Bibby can't be used outside of deeper leagues. However, be careful with Johnson's thumb injury.
Shutdown Alert: The Hawks are playing for playoff seeding the rest of the way, so there is no doubt they will look to get Johnson back on the court as soon as possible. He is a safe play.
Charlotte Bobcats (ATL, @NO, @HOU, DET/@NJ, CHI): Boris Diaw is not putting up huge numbers, but he has been useful and steady. He's averaged around 12 points, five boards and four assists with nearly a steal per game since early March. Raymond Felton is averaging a 14-7-3 stat line in his last five games and makes for a good start in most formats.
Shutdown Alert: The Bobcats have yet to clinch a playoff spot and they have the ability to move up and down in seeding. They have plenty to play for and no player is in danger of being shut down.
Miami Heat (PHI, DET, @NY/@PHI, NJ): The Heat will only play teams that have been eliminated from the playoff hunt and all four teams they will face allow 100-plus points on a regular basis. Michael Beasley has not been tearing things up lately, but he could be in for a strong finish. The Heat should be looking at some inflated box scores the rest of the way. With Jermaine O'Neal (knee) sidelined, Udonis Haslem has become a beast. He is averaging 13 points and 12.4 rebounds in his last five games and should remain a good option even when O'Neal gets back -- somewhere in the 10-and-10 range.
Shutdown Alert: The Heat don't have any room to breathe. They currently hold the fifth seed in the East, but could be looking at anywhere from the fifth seed to the eighth seed if they stumble. Expect O'Neal to be back on the floor soon, but healthier alternatives are still advised.
Orlando Magic (WAS, NY, @CLE/@IND, PHI): The Magic will play four teams that allow 100-plus points per game down the stretch. Aside from the game against Cleveland, none of their remaining opponents have any playoff aspirations. The Magic should be playing some pre-season type games with high scores and lazy defense. Matt Barnes could continue to see stat lines like he's seen the last two weeks, averaging around 15 points, three assists and three rebounds.
Shutdown Alert: The Magic are just about locked into the second seed in the East, meaning that they will have little reason to push their players. Don't be surprised to see minutes start to dip for Dwight Howard and Co. Howard is still a must-start, but players like Jameer Nelson, Rashard Lewis and Vince Carter are questionable plays depending on your alternatives. Barnes, Mickael Pietrus and J.J. Redick could see more minutes down the stretch.
Washington Wizards (GS, @ORL, @BOS, ATL/@NY, IND): The Wizards will wrap up the season playing a balanced assortment of good defensive teams and weak ones. Shaun Livingston is getting a chance to show teams around the league that he can still play, scoring at least 12 points in three of his last four games while starting in place of injured Randy Foye. He looks to be good for around 12-15 points per game with 4-5 assists and three rebounds per game the rest of the way. Give him a look in deeper leagues if you need an injury replacement. Mike Miller is also trying to show teams around the league that he can still get it done, averaging a 16-8-5 stat line in his last five games. He's a solid play.
Shutdown Alert: The Wizards have shut down Randy Foye (wrist) and with nothing left to play for, injured Al Thornton (hip) may have seen his last action of the regular season.

Southwest Division

Dallas Mavericks (MEM, @POR, @SAC/@LAC, SA): Matchups against the Grizzlies, Kings and Clippers should result in high-scoring games. That's good news if you own Jason Terry, who is averaging 15 points and four assists in his last five games. Shawn Marion, Brendan Haywood and Erick Dampier all enter the week on cold streaks, but can be started in deeper leagues thanks to the matchups.
Shutdown Alert:
The Mavericks are tied with three other teams in the Western Conference heading into the last week of the season. Don't expect any letdown from them.
Houston Rockets (@MEM, UTA, CHA, @PHO/@SAC, NO):
Kevin Martin and Trevor Ariza were both cleared to return for Sunday night's game in Indiana, clearing the way for Fantasy owners to activate them for the upcoming scoring period. We like the matchups against Memphis, Phoenix, Sacramento and New Orleans for what should be a high-scoring final stretch for the Rockets. That should mean a return to mediocre production from Kyle Lowry and Chase Budinger, who have enjoyed a nice boost in their absence.
Shutdown Alert: The Rockets have been mathematically eliminated from playoff contention. So while Martin and Ariza were able to return Sunday, the slightest setback could have them done for the year.
Memphis Grizzlies (HOU, @DAL, @SA, PHI/@DEN, @OKC): With Marc Gasol (neck) shut down for the season, Hasheem Thabeet has stepped into around 25 minutes per game. He hasn't shown much with the playing time, averaging just around four points and six boards in his last five games, but if you are focused on catching up in the blocks category, he could be a cheap way to do that.
Shutdown Alert: The Grizzlies have been eliminated from playoff contention. However, outside of Gasol and Ronnie Brewer, none of the team's useful Fantasy options are reportedly dealing with any injuries.
New Orleans Hornets (CHA, UTA, MIN/@HOU): The Hornets are the only team in the league with only four games in the final nine days of the regular season, so keep that in mind in cumulative formats that use the nine-day schedule. Chris Paul continues to create major headaches for Fantasy owners. He's playing heavy minutes and while in some games it looks like he might be all the way back, he's been unable to back that up. In fact, he hasn't scored in double figures in back-to-back games since returning from his 25-game absence. The assists have been plentiful, but his shot has been off. Start him as a low-end guard, but don't rely on the old CP3 to show up to win you your league. Slowly, but surely, Darren Collison's numbers have dipped as Paul's minutes have increased. He's averaging 14.4 points and 3.8 assists over his last five games, which is still useful in a lot of leagues, but not the numbers he enjoyed while Paul was out or in the first few games following his return. Marcus Thornton has been able to maintain a lot of his gained Fantasy appeal, seeing a heavy share of field goal attempts and minutes over the last week even as Paul gets more playing time. As a two-guard, Paul's minutes won't affect him nearly as much as Collison. He remains a solid No. 3 guard in most formats.
Shutdown Alert: Peja Stojakovic (abdominal) says he hopes to play again before the season is over. However, there is no indication that he'll be able to play within the next couple of games and with the Hornets out of the playoff race, he may not return at all.
San Antonio Spurs (@SAC, @PHO, MEM, @DEN/MIN, @DAL): The Spurs face some of the most favorable matchups in the league in the final scoring period of the year. They'll play five of the 10 worst defensive teams in the league before facing a Dallas team that could have nothing left to play for in the final game of the regular season. Richard Jefferson should benefit from those matchups while George Hill may be in for a big scoring period if Sunday's injury doesn't linger.
Shutdown Alert: George Hill tweaked his ankle in the first half of Sunday's afternoon game against the Lakers and did not return. He is being listed as day to day going into Week 24, but the injury did not appear to be too serious. The Spurs are battling for playoff seeding and dealing with the loss of Tony Parker, so we expect Hill to be back out there for Tuesday's game against the Spurs. Look for the latest on his health status prior to Tuesday's lineup deadlines.

Best Fantasy schedules
Team Schedule
1. Spurs @SAC, @PHO, MEM, @DEN/MIN@DAL
2. Thunder @UTA, DEN, PHO, @GS/@POR, MEM
3. Rockets @MEM, UTA, CHA, @PHO/@SAC, NO
4. Bobcats ATL, @NO, @HOU, DET/@NJ, CHI
5. Celtics @NY, @TOR, WAS, @MIL/@CHI, MIL

Northwest Division

Denver Nuggets (@OKC, LAL, SA/MEM, @PHO): If you play in a league that will use the six-day week, the matchups are not great for the Nuggets. The Thunder and Spurs are top defensive teams and the Lakers, while playing a lot looser defensively of late, are not the most Fantasy-friendly of opponents. If your league uses the nine-day schedule, matchups against the Grizzlies and Suns are favorable enough to help make this a much more attractive scoring period. J.R. Smith is a worthy low-end starter at guard, averaging 15.8 points with 3.4 rebounds and 1.8 assists in his last five games. Johan Petro had a decent stat line against the Clippers on Saturday, scoring 14 points with five rebounds. He hadn't been very productive even since joining the starting lineup prior to that, however.
Shutdown Alert:
The Nuggets have no margin for error. They currently have the same record as three other teams in the West and are only three games removed from the eighth seed.
Minnesota Timberwolves (GS, LAL, @NO/@SA, DET):
We expect matchups against Golden State, New Orleans and Detroit to feature both teams in triple digits. Darko Milicic is suddenly a viable Fantasy option during the most critical scoring period of the Fantasy season, believe it or not. He's getting around 25-30 minutes per game and has scored in double figures in four of his last six games, including 10 points in just 13 minutes before leaving Saturday's game against Miami. He's chipping in decent rebounds and blocks and while he won't be used in most Fantasy leagues this week, he could be your only option at center off the waiver in some deeper leagues.
Shutdown Alert: The Timberwolves have nothing left to play for, so Darko's jaw injury could be a reason to be concerned about him being shut down. But he underwent X-rays that revealed no fractures and was able to travel with the team for Sunday's game in Oklahoma City. We expect him to play.
Portland Trail Blazers (@LAC, DAL, @LAL/OKC, GS): Marcus Camby is just about back to the production level he enjoyed with the Clippers for the first half of the season. He is averaging 11.8 points to go with nine points, a couple of assists and a block and a steal per game in his last five contests. He should get up for a return to L.A. against the Clippers. Andre Miller is clicking again, scoring at least 23 points in three of his last four games.
Shutdown Alert: No worries here. The Blazers currently hold the eighth seed in the West, but are only three games behind second-seed and Northwest Division leader Denver.
Oklahoma City Thunder (@UTA, DEN, PHO, @GS/@POR, MEM): The Thunder have some of the most favorable matchups remaining. They'll play the Nuggets, Suns, Warriors and Grizzlies, all teams that allow over 102 points per game. Unfortunately, only the usual Big Three (Durant, Westbrook, Green) can be trusted to take advantage of it. Nick Collison, James Harden, Nenad Krstic and Eric Maynor could all have a decent game here and there, but they are too inconsistent to trust.
Shutdown Alert: Expect Durant, Wesbtrook and Green to play all out the rest of the way. The Thunder are in a tough battle for playoff seeding in a very close Western Conference race.
Utah Jazz (OKC, @HOU, @NO/@GS, PHO): Mehmet Okur is averaging a very impressive 18.2 points and 8.4 rebounds in his last five games as, for the second season in a row, he is finishing the regular season strong after a slow start. He's a must-start for Week 24 while Paul Millsap and his 10.8 points and 7.0 rebounds and 2.0 blocks in his last five games can also be useful -- especially considering the Fantasy-friendly matchups up front against Houston, New Orleans, Golden State and Phoenix. Wesley Matthews is averaging a respectable 12-4-2 stat line in his last five games, but that could be affected when Andrei Kirilenko (calf) is able to come back -- on April 14 at the earliest.
Shutdown Alert: Kirilenko is hoping to return for Wednesday's game and, with the Jazz fighting for a high seed in the West, we expect him to give it his all to come back as soon as possible. However, the fact that he's been ruled out of Tuesday's game makes him a tough play outside of average-based formats.

Worst Fantasy schedules
Team Schedule
1. Hornets CHA, UTA, MIN/@HOU
2. Nuggets @OKC, LAL, SA/MEM, @PHO
3. Nets @MIL, CHI, @IND/CHA, @MIA
4. Kings SA, LAC, DAL/HOU, @LAL
5. Raptors @CLE, BOS, @ATL, CHI/@DET, NY

Pacific Division

Golden State Warriors (@WAS, @MIN, @LAC, OKC/UTA, @POR): The Warriors continue to be a place to go to for loose parts, a Fantasy salvage yard of sorts. With Monta Ellis' return up in the air, several players have very tentative Fantasy appeal. Anthony Morrow has been booming, but could fall off significantly if Ellis decides to return. Consider Morrow a risk/reward play. Anthony Tolliver and Reggie Williams have become must-starts in just about every format and the absence of Ellis has created enough room for Corey Maggette to regain some of the production he had lost when Williams emerged in March. Ronny Turiaf is starting at center, but we don't recommend him in Fantasy.
Shutdown Alert:
Monta Ellis missed three games last week with the flu and is awaiting the results of some blood work, but unless a clear return is announced prior to lineup deadlines, he seems to be a player to avoid in all leagues. The Warriors have nothing to play for and Ellis doesn't seem to be in a rush to return.
Los Angeles Clippers (POR, @SAC, GS/DAL, LAL):
The Kings and Warriors rank among the five worst defensive teams in the league and the Lakers have been allowing over 100 points per game recently as they have gone into cruise control heading into the playoffs. Don't expect a lot of their regulars to be playing on April 14 in the last game of the regular season. Eric Gordon and Drew Gooden are good starts. Rasual Butler is a decent play, but is better saved for deeper leagues.
Shutdown Alert: Baron Davis missed the team's final long road trip of the season as he dealt with back spasms. He is expected to play on, but there is a small measure of risk that goes with starting Davis as the Clippers have nothing left to play for. Travis Outlaw has a strained groin and is a player to avoid. Steve Blake's minor Fantasy boost goes out the door if Davis is healthy and playing.
Los Angeles Lakers (@DEN, @MIN, POR/SAC, @LAC): Lamar Odom, as expected, has been putting up high-end numbers while Andrew Bynum (Achilles') has been out. Ron Artest has remained very unimpressive. Pau Gasol has gone from great to even greater.
Shutdown Alert: The Lakers will be on serious shutdown alert the rest of the way. The top seed in the West is just about wrapped up and they won't catch the Cavaliers for the NBA's best record. They'll be looking to give their regulars enough playing time to stay sharp, but their minutes will decrease in the final couple of games of the season. Don't be surprised to see anybody ruled out for any of the team's games. Bynum is hoping to return for a game or two before the playoffs, but is only looking at playing to gain some conditioning for the playoffs. Start your usual Lakers, but don't expect them to play full tilt.
Phoenix Suns (SA, @OKC, HOU/DEN, @UTA): Channing Frye hasn't been quite as impressive as we had hoped following the season-ending injury to Robin Lopez. He has averaged just 10.4 points and 5.2 rebounds, but still makes for a decent play in deeper leagues as a No. 2 center. He'll get around 30 minutes per game in the final games of the season. Leandro Barbosa finally looked healthy on Saturday night in Milwaukee, scoring 21 points. It may be too little too late to gain the trust of Fantasy owners, but if you are desperate for guard help, he's a nice little sleeper given his track record as a solid scorer and three-point shooter. He's just been bothered by a wrist injury all year. Grant Hill has been up and down lately. He had a 17-8-6 stat line on April 2 in Detroit and just 2-1-6 the next day. Avoid him this week where possible. He is averaging 8.0 points, 3.6 assists and 5.4 rebounds in his last five games.
Shutdown Alert: The Suns are in the playoffs, but they head into the final week-and-a-half tied with the Nuggets, Mavericks and Jazz. They are very much fighting for playoff seeding and we don't expect there to be any issues with players being shut down here.
Sacramento Kings (SA, LAC, DAL/HOU, @LAL): Outside of a poor shooting night Saturday against Portland, Tyreke Evans has looked strong since returning from his concussion. Beno Udrih has, for the most part, managed to retain much of the Fantasy appeal he gained while Evans was sidelined. With the Kings having limited back court options, we expect that to continue. Jason Thompson is finishing the season the way he started it. With Spencer Hawes out of the picture, he is averaging 15.8 points and 8.2 rebounds in his last five games and has returned to being a great play.
Shutdown Alert: The Kings have been out of the playoff race for quite some time. Spencer Hawes has been shut down and any minor injury could keep a player out for the rest of the season, but they'll enter Week 24 in relatively healthy shape. Francisco Garcia (wrist) is not worth starting right now.

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