2016 Fantasy Football Draft Prep: Picking at No. 2 overall in PPR

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When it comes to Fantasy Football, it's your job to be prepared. Every year, it's our job to help you prepare, which is why Jamey Eisenberg and I take part in a two-man draft. It's to give you an example of what you might (and might not) expect when it comes to drafting in your 12-team PPR league.

Naturally, there are picks that we love, some we hate and some we wish we could have had. By the time you're done reading this you should at least have a baseline of what we'd recommend doing from your draft slot.

Here is my team at No. 2 overall in PPR ...

If you're picking very early in Round 1 in a PPR league it's worth it to wait on running back and lock up an elite wide receiver. Odell Beckham certainly qualifies as elite with 15-plus PPR Fantasy points in 21 of 28 career games.

I planned on going with a running back in Round 2 and probably should have taken Doug Martin instead of Brandon Marshall because there was more depth at receiver than running back. But it worked out for me and I landed a consistent receiver in Marshall as still got Martin. Just don't make that mistake in your draft.

I found late Round 4 and early Round 5 to be sort of a dead zone because I didn't like many players available. Settling for DeMarco Murray and Doug Baldwin in those spots was making the best of the situation. Some advice: pre-rank the Top 60 players before your draft so you can confidently work through these first five choices.

In retrospect I should have taken Jarvis Landry over Baldwin, but stealing Ben Roethlisberger in Round 7 made me feel better about the team.

As for taking Tyler Eifert ... look, at some point this season he'll be dominant. The late eighth-round price tag wasn't bad and grabbing Eric Ebron later on gave me some tight end insurance. Even with the draft hiccups there's a lot to love about this team.

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Odell Beckham CLE • WR • 13
2015 stats
There's just no denying his talent, his track record, his quarterback, pretty much everything but his dating choices (and even then ...). If the whole point of a first-round pick is to take someone you feel confident in starting and getting big points from each week, Beckham's a great way to go no matter the format.
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Doug Baldwin SEA • WR • 89
2015 stats
Baldwin has more appeal in a PPR league than not but it's just hard to believe he's going to keep up anything close to the pace he finished last year on. If I could have the pick back I would have gone with a safer choice in Jarvis Landry.
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Charles Sims TB • RB • 34
2015 stats
Ideally you'd want Martin and Sims on the same roster, if only to lock up the Buccaneers backfield. My downfall was getting Martin so late! Landing Martin in Round 3 was delightful but not having the chance to draft Sims in Round 7 turned out to be frustrating. In most leagues I would expect Martin to get taken in the middle of Round 2, making him an obvious mid-Round 7 choice, which is what he was in our draft.
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