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When it comes to Fantasy Football, it's your job to be prepared. Every year, it's our job to help you prepare, which is why Jamey Eisenberg and I take part in a two-man draft. It's to give you an example of what you might (and might not) expect when it comes to drafting in your 12-team non-PPR league.

Naturally, there are picks that we love, some we hate and some we wish we could have had. By the time you're done reading this you should at least have a baseline of what we'd recommend doing from your draft slot.

Here is my team at No. 9 overall in a standard format ...

When is the right time to draft Gronkowski? When there isn't a running back or wide receiver you're fully committed to taking. At ninth overall, the best available running back was Lamar Miller and the best receiver was DeAndre Hopkins. I like those guys, but Gronk is the difference maker at a position where there are no other difference makers. Getting the production of a Top 10 rusher or receiver from a tight end is something that boosts my Fantasy bottom line. I fully expect another big year from the big lug.

The best approach after taking Gronk in Round 1 is to focus on the best players available. Remember, while Gronk became mine in Round 1, great running backs and receivers went to my opponents. Those talent pools shrink quickly, so you need to get moving. That's why I was happy to get Jamaal Charles in Round 2, Thomas Rawls in Round 3 and Sammy Watkins in Round 4. Are they all pristine Fantasy options? Not really, but they come with Top 10-type of reward, so I felt good taking them when I did.

I'll admit I splurged in Round 5 with Drew Brees. We often preach not taking a tight end and a quarterback within the first five picks of a draft, but I doubted Brees would make it back to me in Round 6. So I took him then and was happy to take Allen Hurns in Round 6 to solidify the nucleus of my starting lineup.

The depth collected from there was also solid. Kenneth Dixon is one of my favorite running backs to take after 75th overall, DeSean Jackson is worth a mid-round risk, as is rookie Corey Coleman. And I picked up Charcandrick West in case anything happens to Charles. Tack on the best DST in Fantasy this fall, the Cardinals, and I have a lineup that can compete.

Drew Brees
NO • QB • 9
2015 stats
It's funny. We're not supposed to draft a quarterback so soon after taking Gronkowski but it felt good landing Brees. It's not like I even stole him -- the middle of Round 5 is when I would expect him to get drafted. But his track record for strong numbers paired with my stud tight end and running backs make for a lineup with real good potential. Plus, who else was I going to take there? Allen Hurns? That's who I got in Round 6!
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Mohamed Sanu
SF • WR • 14
2015 stats
Look, this team is nice. Maybe it's a little light at receiver since Sammy Watkins is my top guy and Allen Hurns is behind him, but getting DeSean Jackson and Corey Coleman gave me some stability. So why go and get a fifth receiver in Sanu?! Does he have 1,000-yard potential? Can he score seven or more touchdowns? I'm thinking no to both. To be fair, it's Round 12, so anyone left has a low ceiling anyway, but I could have found a running back to speculate on. You can never have too many running backs.
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Randall Cobb
HOU • WR • 18
2015 stats
How might this team be different if Cobb had made the roster in Round 3 instead of Thomas Rawls? My first two receivers would have been cool (Cobb and Watkins) and it would have taken some pressure off from finding receivers later on. Of course, the pressure would be on to find running backs -- the best available in Round 5 were Danny Woodhead, Frank Gore, Jonathan Stewart and Melvin Gordon. Ecch! Woodhead would have probably been the pick over Brees in Round 5 and then hopefully Brees or Russell Wilson would have made my roster in Round 6. Do I wish this is how my roster shook out? Not exactly, but a healthy Cobb might be worlds better than a banged-up Rawls. Hopefully Rawls will be okay for the start of the season.
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