2017 Outlook: Terrelle Pryor

Expectations are growing for receiver Terrelle Pryor now that he signed with the Redskins. Why wouldn't they? Last year he caught passes from five different mediocre Browns quarterbacks and still managed to top 1,000 yards and 75 receptions. Now he'll play in a similar offense and catch passes from Kirk Cousins, a big-time upgrade. He'll also replace Pierre Garcon and DeSean Jackson as outside receiving threats and should lock up at least 100 targets just like the ex-Redskins did last season. But more importantly, Pryor will get more opportunities in the end zone after landing just 13 targets in the red zone and four inside the 10-yard line in 2016. With better quality targets coming his way, and more touchdown opportunities in the offing, Pryor has the feel of a breakout receiver worth taking by the end of Round 3 in any format.

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