2018 Fantasy Football Draft Prep: Wide receiver position preview

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The games have started. They don't count, but that doesn't matter. Football is here. 

We're kicking our Draft Prep into high gear over the final three weeks of the preseason to get you ready for Draft Day, but not before we finished up our position previews. We did that this week by putting wide receivers under the microscope, and there was a lot to get to. 

It's an important position in 2018. Not because wide receivers dominate the top of the Fantasy leaderboards, but precisely because they don't. A few years ago, it was routine to see wideouts peppered with 120-plus targets — 25 saw at least that many in 2015 — and loading up on them early was a sure-fire way to avoid the risk of running back breakdown. 

Now? Only 14 receivers had 120 targets last season. It's a different position. We talked about the running back renaissance last week, and it's come at the expense of WR. That means finding standouts is more important than ever at this position — just ask anyone who drafted DeAndre Hopkins at a discount this time a year ago. 

We'll be updating our positional tiers, our sleepers, breakouts, and busts, and our rankings regularly over the 25 days left until the season officially kicks off. Everything you need to know before your draft can be found right here. And the place to start is with our in-depth position previews. Let's go: 

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