Your first round pick is usually pretty easy. Picking in the top-three especially so — you take Saquon Barkley, Christian McCaffrey, or Alvin Kamara, and you don't think twice. Things get dicier after that, however, as you have to wait 20 picks to get a chance to pick your second star. 

Picking in the back of the first round limits your chances of getting a truly elite player, but with two early picks in quick succession, you've got a chance to lock down a core built around two high-level Fantasy options. And if you're in the middle of the draft, you might even get lucky enough to have Ezekiel Elliott fall to you, only to show up ready to roll in Week 1, giving you a huge edge. 

No matter where you are picking, you're going to have some tough decisions to make. Your roster might have holes, or you just won't be able to get as much quality depth at one position or another as you might want. That's the nature of snake drafts. 

Fear not. We've got a plan for every spot in the draft in our  12-part series where Jamey Eisenberg, Dave Richard, Heath Cummings and Ben Gretch show you how they built their teams from every draft position in a recent mock.

Picking No. 1 -- Barkley is the easy choice, but Jamey waited until the fifth round to take his first wide receiver. Is that a viable strategy?

Picking No. 2 -- Kamara is a great fit in PPR, but Dave faces a tougher choice at 2.11 when he has to decide how much he's willing to invest in a tight end.

Picking No. 3 -- Zeke was a no-brainer a month ago, although his holdout leaves McCaffrey as the obvious pick for Heath.

Picking No. 4 --  Nope, it's not Zeke at No. 4 either. Ben is betting big on a bounceback season from David Johnson, and if Dalvin Cook can live up to expectations, the sky is the limit. 

Picking No. 5 -- If you do end up taking the plunge on Elliott, as Jamey did, you've got to have a contingency plan in place in case he doesn't come back quickly.

Picking No. 6 -- You can end up with the top wide receiver and an elite tight end picking No. 6 overall, as Dave did here.

Picking No. 7 -- JuJu Smith-Schuster may have as much upside as any receiver in football this season, and Heath was still able to grab one of his top running backs on the way back. 

Picking No. 8 -- A wide receiver-heavy build makes sense in the latter half of the first round, and Ben might have put together an unbeatable receiving corps, beginning with Odell Beckham. 

Picking No. 9 -- Jamey got his No. 1 wide receiver all the way at No. 9 overall, a bit of luck that helped him build a strong receiving corps. 

Picking No. 10 -- Julio Jones is a nice start for Dave, who risks starting with three running backs in his top five picks.

Picking No. 11 -- An elite running back and wide receiver? You can do it from this spot in the draft. Here's how.

Picking No. 12 -- Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce become the start of a Zero RB draft for Ben, who doesn't draft his first back until Round 7. And he loves it.