2019 Outlook: Benjamin Watson

Benjamin Watson's retirement lasted about three months. Then he signed with the Patriots to chase a ring after coming close in 2018. Soon thereafter, he was suspended for the first four games of the season for testing positive for a banned substance he took to help him recover when he thought his playing days were over. Waiting four weeks for Watson's return should take him off of Draft Day wish lists, even if he's playing with Tom Brady. He's never had more than six scores in a season, nor has he had more than 825 yards in a year. Only once has he done both in the same season (2015 with the Saints), and it took 110 targets to get it done. While it's fun to speculate that Watson will be the next "Gronk," the 38-year-old doesn't have Gronk's size or speed. He also won't play until October. Wait for him to come back from suspension and consider him off waivers as a touchdown-or-bust tight end, particularly against the Giants in Week 6 (not against Washington in Week 5).

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