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While loaded with high-upside talent, more so than in past years, the tight end position remains  top-heavy with four big-time studs. You know which two should get taken between 10th and 30th overall, and you're probably aware of the next two to go between 35th and 50th overall. 

A year ago, there was perceived value in the tight ends that were in the tier of tight ends after 50th overall, but one disappointed due to injuries (Evan Engram) and one due to bafflingly poor play (O.J. Howard). This year, that third tier is larger and seems safer because most of the guys in it have proven themselves over some period of time (be it five games or several years). 

And the fourth tier after that provides some start-worthy players who might end up crashing the top 10 by the end of the year. Nothing wrong with that, nor is it bad to stream with a tight end from the fifth tier.

More tiers and strategies:

PPR: First Tier
Round 2
PPR: Second Tier
Round 4
PPR: Third Tier
Rounds 6-7
PPR: Fourth Tier
Rounds 9-10
Non-PPR: First Tier
Round 2
Non-PPR: Second Tier
Round 4
Non-PPR: Third Tier
Rounds 6-8
Non-PPR:Fourth Tier
Rounds 9-10
Non-PPR: Sleepers (mostly)
Round 11+

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