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Last season, DeVante Parker went undrafted in most Fantasy leagues, yet finished as a top-10 wide receiver. Darren Waller was also off the radar in the preseason, but finished the year as the third-best tight end overall. Those two difference-makers were major Fantasy football sleepers in 2019. This season, players like Panthers tight end Ian Thomas are being overlooked as owners start to prepare for their upcoming drafts, but how should you approach him during your 2020 Fantasy football draft prep?

Thomas is expected to move into a starting role in Carolina with the departure of longtime standout Greg Olsen to Seattle. As you plan your upcoming drafts, you should listen to the 2020 Fantasy football advice from the team at SportsLine. They've put together a comprehensive 2020 Fantasy football draft bible that's the ultimate one-stop shop to help you set your 2020 Fantasy football strategy.

Prepared by proven SportsLine Fantasy experts Jody Smith, Jen Ryan and Jacob Gibbs, this is a must-have guide for any Fantasy football player preparing for snake, auction or best ball drafts. 

Engel is a Fantasy Hall of Famer, Smith is ranked among the nation's most accurate Fantasy experts, and Gibbs is a data-driven prodigy who called Patrick Mahomes' monster 2018 season. All of them were dead-on last year, too. Gibbs, for instance, told readers to pounce on Chris Godwin and Dalvin Cook, but avoid Le'Veon Bell and Antonio Brown. This trio brings decades of Fantasy football advice and can give you a huge edge in your league.

This guide ranks every player at each position, but goes well beyond that, breaking down 2020 Fantasy football sleepers, breakouts and busts. There are also Fantasy football rookie rankings, coaching analysis, tips and much more. Their 2020 Fantasy football rankings are available in a printable format, so you can bring them right to your draft. Head to SportsLine now to get it all now

Best 2020 Fantasy football targets

The guide includes Engel's top 32 late-round targets:

Ian Thomas, TE, Carolina: Tight end is the thinnest position in Fantasy Football, so if you see a potentially significant producer on the rise, you should pick him in the final rounds. Greg Olsen is gone and the offense is undergoing notable changes. Thomas will get the opportunity to step forward and contribute more under a new regime. He can have a clearly-defined and important role in the Panthers' passing game this season. 

Emmanuel Sanders, WR, New Orleans: The Saints have been searching for a reliable compliment to Michael Thomas for some time. They may have found their man in Sanders despite perceptions about how much he may have left at this stage of his career. The Saints appear to be making a strong bid to "win now," and Sanders appears to be an important part of that push. He may not be done yet, even though he appeared to be declining last year. 

How to make your 2020 Fantasy football draft picks

SportsLine's Fantasy football draft guide has also identified a massive bust you need to steer completely clear of. This player is going off the board in the second round in many leagues, but SportsLine's experts say he won't even be in the top 30 at his own position. You can find out who it is, and see SportsLine's complete 2020 Fantasy football guide, right here

So what is the value of every single player for 2020 Fantasy football? And which huge bust can sink your season? Visit SportsLine now to see the complete 2020 Fantasy football draft bible and cheat sheet, all from a team of proven Fantasy analysts who can give you a huge edge in your league