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Running backs are being heavily targeted during 2020 Fantasy football draft prep. On average, 13 of the first 18 players being taken are RBs, so the players who dominate carries and make the most of their touches are flying off the board very quickly. If you still need a running back by the third and fourth rounds, it's more challenging to pinpoint runners who can emerge from projected time share and committee situations. Who should you prioritize in your 2020 Fantasy football rankings?

While some Fantasy players may expect the Broncos to employ a committee approach with Melvin Gordon, Phillip Lindsay and Royce Freeman, that may not be the case. But which Bronco should you eye with your 2020 Fantasy football strategy? As you plan your upcoming drafts, you should listen to the 2020 Fantasy football advice from the team at SportsLine. They've put together a comprehensive 2020 Fantasy football draft bible that's the ultimate one-stop shop to help you set your 2020 Fantasy football strategy.

Prepared by proven SportsLine Fantasy experts Jody Smith, Jen Ryan and Jacob Gibbs, this is a must-have guide for any Fantasy football player preparing for snake, auction or best ball drafts. 

Engel is a Fantasy Hall of Famer, Smith is ranked among the nation's most accurate Fantasy experts, and Gibbs is a data-driven prodigy who called Patrick Mahomes' monster 2018 season. All of them were dead-on last year, too. Gibbs, for instance, told readers to pounce on Chris Godwin and Dalvin Cook, but avoid Le'Veon Bell and Antonio Brown. This trio brings decades of Fantasy football advice and can give you a huge edge in your league.

This guide ranks every player at each position, but goes well beyond that, breaking down 2020 Fantasy football sleepers, breakouts and busts. There are also Fantasy football rookie rankings, coaching analysis, tips and much more. Their 2020 Fantasy football rankings are available in a printable format, so you can bring them right to your draft. Head to SportsLine now to get it all now

Best 2020 Fantasy football targets

The guide includes Smith's top 2020 Fantasy football backfields to watch:

Denver Broncos: Phillip Lindsay appeared to be a pleasant surprise, rushing for 1,000 yards in his first two NFL seasons. Yet Denver never seemed to be truly satisfied with Lindsay or Royce Freeman, who never developed into a starter as hoped. So as Denver looked to build a stable offense around Drew Lock, they signed Melvin Gordon as a free agent. Will this now become a three-man RB show for the Broncos, or is Gordon ticketed to be the pure lead back? 

Los Angeles Rams: The Rams have moved on from Todd Gurley and the team spent its first pick in the 2020 NFL Draft on Cam Akers. It appears he has the best opportunity to start for Los Angeles. Veteran Malcolm Brown remains in the mix, as does Darrell Henderson, who was a popular sleeper pick as a rookie last year but did not make much of an impression. How will the Rams utilize these three RBs in 2020? 

Baltimore Ravens: Mark Ingram finally had his chance to lead a backfield last year and the results were impressive, as he totaled 15 TDs. He seems to fit perfectly in Baltimore's scheme. The Ravens, however, may have already identified his replacement. They brought in rookie J.K. Dobbins to compete for significant touches and eventually succeed Ingram as the No. 1 RB. Will Ingram lose his job to Dobbins this season? 

How to make your 2020 Fantasy football draft picks

SportsLine's Fantasy football draft guide has also identified a massive bust you need to steer completely clear of. This player is going off the board in the second round in many leagues, but SportsLine's experts say he won't even be in the top 30 at his own position. You can find out who it is, and see SportsLine's complete 2020 Fantasy football guide, right here

So what is the value of every single player for 2020 Fantasy football? And which huge bust can sink your season? Visit SportsLine now to see the complete 2020 Fantasy football draft bible and cheat sheet, all from a team of proven Fantasy analysts who can give you a huge edge in your league