This is fact: In every single round, there will be a wide receiver you will be comfortable drafting to your Fantasy team. Can't say the same about every other position. 

The key word is "comfortable." It won't always be a fist-pump-and-draft scenario, but if you take a wideout who makes you squirm, you're doing it wrong. Someone worthy of every draft slot should be on the board for every single choice you make. You'll especially love it in Rounds 3 through 6. 

The tiers reflect all that. There aren't too many elite-level receivers but there are a lot of very good talents who can help put up a lot of Fantasy points. Think of them as No. 2 receivers with easy No. 1 potential, be it because of their own skills, the offenses they play in, or the lack of competitive receivers who will make a push for a top-10 finish. Thirty wide receivers had at least 100 targets in 2019 and it wouldn't be shocking if that number ballooned to 35 or 40 this season. 

More tiers and strategies:

Non-PPR: First Tier
Top 20 Overall
Non-PPR: Fourth Tier
Round 5-6

So what Fantasy football sleepers should you snatch in your draft? And which WR1 candidate can you wait on until late? Visit SportsLine now to get cheat sheets from the model that was all over Derrick Henry's huge season, and find out.