Think it's too early to be talking 2020 projections already? Of course you don't -- you clicked the link. While I'm sure someone does, they can catch up when they start paying attention after the NFL Draft. We'll be all settled in by then.

 Truth be told, I'm looking a lot further ahead than this upcoming season. I just released my updated Dynasty rankings. 

If you know our podcast, you'll know my initial projections for the season are going to draw a lot of questions from Adam Aizer. There are two reasons behind that. 

  1. They're heavy on math and light on human touch this time of year. They need to be massaged a bit, if you will.
  2. A heavy math approach doesn't care about narratives, and no one knows narratives better than Aizer.

At this point in the offseason I've plugged in player history and play-calling history, and I've made my initial estimations of 2020 team splits and 2020 efficiency. That leads to things like Calvin Ridley having two more touchdowns than Julio Jones -- look at their touchdown rates. It also leads to question marks for teams like the Chargers, who have multiple free agents and a play-caller with eight games under his belt. 

It can be a mess, but it can also give you and idea of what we'll be looking for in the coming months. The landing spot for Philip Rivers, Tom Brady, Melvin Gordon. Jameis Winston, Austin Hooper and others could drastically change the landscape. Opportunity could grow or shrink for guys like Dallas Goedert, Damien Williams and Devonta Freeman

In the next couple of weeks I'll have content out with a first glimpse at 2020 projections and some of the things that stood out to me. For now, enjoy the discussion I had on Thursday with Aizer and Ben Schragger.