There's never an easy time to put together Dynasty rankings, but for me, this is the most difficult time. That's at least partially because I haven't built 2022 projections yet, but it's more about why I haven't built the projections yet; We don't know even less than normal. 

Between coaching changes, free agency, and the NFL draft, the NFL landscape will shift massively in the coming months. And I didn't even mention the possibility of Deshaun Watson, Russell Wilson, or Aaron Rodgers getting traded.

That being said, there are some things that look pretty clear. I would anticipate for the next nine months, the top seven will be the top seven, in some order. The only thing that could really change that would be if Watson was fully cleared. Trevor Lawrence and Justin Fields should be next, but they're going to have to show something more to move up in the rankings.

I think Matthew Stafford and Tom Brady should be pretty set in their positions as well. But everyone around them is in flux, particularly Jalen Hurts, Trey Lance, and Tua Tagovailoa.

Hurts was a solid starter this year and should improve in his second year in the system... if he's given the chance. The Eagles have three top-20 picks, which could either be used to improve the situation around Hurts or to acquire his replacement. In other words, he's a risky buy or sell between now and April. I could see him as high as QB8 or outside the top 20 altogether before he plays in his next game.

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Lance profiles to be a lot like Hurts, but he has to get the starting job first. As long as the 49ers are alive in this year's playoffs, I'm not sure that's a given. Jimmy Garoppolo is under contract next season and he's already led the team to one Super Bowl. A second appearance could delay Lance's arrival even further.  And then there's always the possibility that Lance's first full year as a starter looks a lot like what we saw from Fields. I don't think Lance is likely to have as much upside as Hurts in 2022, but he certainly has a higher floor.

Tagovailoa should be safe after the Dolphins moved on from Brian Flores, but they have so many assets that like Hurts, his managers should hold their breath until April.

Below are my updated top-50 Dynasty quarterbacks. These rankings are based on leagues where all touchdowns are worth six Fantasy points. The next update will come in February after I've built 2022 projections and I plan on updating each position at least once a month this offseason. Rookies will be added the week after the NFL Draft.

*The age listed in the rankings below is the player's age Week 1 of the 2022 season.