It's Dynasty Day as we're talking Dynasty Top 150, trade values, and 2020 rookie draft. What are the first two qualities we're looking for in players if we're doing a startup Dynasty draft (2:00)? And we'll take a quick detour to react to the reports that Tom Brady may not return to New England (7:05) ... Breaking down Heath's Dynasty Top 150, starting with the Top 12 (10:25). George Kittle is ranked over Ezekiel Elliott, and Patrick Mahomes is an interesting pick at 10. Then we go position by position, first talking QBs (20:00) where Russell Wilson is outside of the top 100 and Deshaun Watson may be overvalued ... At running back (31:00), was David Montgomery's 2019 a good or bad sign for things to come? Moving on to WRs (39:00), it's stock down for Keenan Allen and Julio Jones, but how much value should A.J. Brown and Terry McClaurin have? ... We end by answering your trade questions (47:50) tweeted in with #AskFFT, with a heavy dose of 2020 rookie pick valuations. Email us at and tweet questions using #AskFFT.