We're excited to talk about Super Bowl LIV, but of course we'll give you the Fantasy angles in addition to a conventional game recap. What were our Fantasy takeaways from the game (2:55)? How are we feeling about Damien Williams and Deebo Samuel? Did Patrick Mahomes leapfrog Lamar Jackson? ... Lots of Super Bowl talk (14:00). Was this a good game or a great game? What did we think about the use of timeouts (15:15)? Was that really pass interference? Best commercial (18:25)? Best food we ate? Prop bets, crazy stats and what we learned about Jimmy Garoppolo and a lot more. We also answer 2020 Fantasy questions about KC (31:40) and SF (40:00). Should you draft Travis Kelce ahead of Tyreek Hill? Do we want to draft a SF RB? ... The best of Radio Row (46:40)! We spent a week on radio row asking athletes, Fantasy analysts and media members some wacky questions like "Is Jerry Maguire a sports movie?" and "how do you rank pancakes, waffles and french toast" and "do 'frog' and 'dog' rhyme?" Find out what our celebrity interviewees had to say!