Earlier this week it was Rob Gronkowski, now Percy Harvin wants to come back! Do we care (2:00)? More importantly, let's look ahead to the NFL Draft and talk about the veteran NFL players who could be affected by this, starting with the RBs (5:00) and moving on to the Eagles and Raiders passing games (9:15). How much could Carson Wentz move up in the rankings? ... We play some Fantasy Jeopardy (16:50)! Can Adam rob Heath of another victory? Can anyone respond in the form of a question? We also answer a bunch of your questions via Apple Podcast and email ... Saquon Barkley hops on (42:06) to talk about the NFL season, his memories of the 2018 NFL Draft, his thoughts on Christian McCaffrey, the TV show he has been watching lately, the meanest fans he has encountered and so much more.