4/6 Fantasy Football Today Podcast: Superflex mock draft, Chiefs WRs, 49ers RBs

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We'll tell you about our 12-team, PPR SuperFlex mock draft and how to approach QB in this format, but first we've got some business to take care. We react to Sammy Watkins restructuring his contract (2:51), talk about Eric Ebron (5:30), reveal some players who have barely seen the NFL field that we are hopeful for in 2020 (10:58) and debate the value of the SF RBs (14:00) ... Getting into the mock draft (24:00), what was our QB strategy? Heath took Patrick Mahomes in Round 1, but the QBs didn't exactly fly off the board after that. We also have a more general discussion about QB depth in 2020 (34:01) ... We review our teams (37:05) and talk about the good moves and bad moves we made. Can you go Zero-RB in this format? Do the mid-range TEs make a big difference in this format?

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