Welcome to Fantasy Football YESTERDAY! All this week we are looking back at the best and the worst of Fantasy Football since 1997. Today, we review a draft of the best individual seasons. The best of Marshall Faulk, LaDanian Tomlinson, Marvin Harrison, Peyton Manning and more. First, we wonder if the NFL is about to go back in time by becoming a run-first league (2:55). Is this actually happening? We debate and discuss ... Getting into the "Best Seasons Ever" draft (15:40), Tomlinson was NOT the #1 pick. Why not? Why did two TEs go in the first round? Why does Randy Moss' 2007 season have a case as the best ever? ... As we go through the picks, we marvel at Harrison's greatness, how the RB landscape has changed and some names you may have forgotten about all while debating which criteria to use when evaluating these Fantasy seasons.