McCoy, who briefly left Sunday's game with a right wrist injury, returned shortly thereafter and said he's fine, Chris Brown of the Bills' official site reports. "I tried to get in the end zone," said McCoy. "I jumped in there and I guess the placement of the ball and my wrist, it went numb. I didn't want to be selfish and try to get a touchdown with a numb right hand. I'm known as a back with ball security so I just came out just to see what was going on. I'll ice it and I'll be alright. ... It hurt a little bit and then I couldn't feel anything. I couldn't squeeze the ball. Besides we've got a 260-pound back and let him get the touchdown."

The fleeting issue may have cost McCoy owners a touchdown, as he had to sub out because he didn't want to fumble with a numb wrist and Mike Tolbert ended up getting the Bills' only rushing score of the day. Tolbert might be doing this even when McCoy is perfectly healthy, so that's the situation that merits watching. While the Bills want to use the 29-year-old McCoy as much as possible, there's no reason a battering ram like Tolbert can't give him a breather in areas where the wear and tear is toughest. We'll see how this goes in the coming weeks.

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