Okwuegbunam caught his only target for a nine-yard touchdown during Sunday's 31-30 win over the Chargers.

Okwuegbunam brought the Broncos to within a score early in the fourth quarter, skying for the touchdown in the back of the end zone and getting his rear in bounds for his first career score. It was arguably just his second most important play of the game. Okwuegbunam drew a critical pass-interference penalty in the back of the end zone during the closing seconds that set up the winning play. Okwuegbunam has chemistry with Drew Lock from their college days at Mizzou and it's shown. In addition to his two big plays in the red zone Sunday, Okwuegbunam let a touchdown or two clang off his hands back in Week 6 against New England. He's a difficult matchup in the red zone and the more consistently he completes plays, the bigger threat he'll be.

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