It's been a while since these Dynasty quarterback rankings have been updated. Back in August we didn't know who would be starting for the Broncos or Saints. We thought Cam Newton would be the starter for the Patriots, not Mac Jones. And I think we all thought by Week 4 at least one of the 2021 rookies would have wowed us. 

They have not.

Six rookie quarterbacks have thrown a pass so far this season. Only Trey Lance has a quarterback rating over 81, and he's only thrown one pass. Second and third in passer rating are Davis Mills and Jones. The group as a whole has combined to throw 12 touchdown passes and 19 interceptions. They're 1-and-10 as starters.

It's hard to call the first three weeks of the season anything but an abject disaster for Trevor Lawrence and Zach Wilson. Justin Fields was even worse, but he's only made one start. Lance has barely even seen the field.

But one thing you'll notice below is that the rookies haven't moved much at all. Jones and Mills have moved up, because I really expect them to play this early. But Lawrence, Fields, Lance, and Wilson are all in virtually the same place in the rankings. 

The reason? Rookie quarterbacks are often bad. And most of these guys are in pretty horrible situations with bad offensive lines and mediocre offenses around them. If they play a full season like this, I'll downgrade them some, but not much. 

What you should be doing, what I will be doing, is making sure those who drafted them in Dynasty feel the same way. This is a great week to make a buy low offer on Lawrence, Lance and Fields for sure. The only time that would be better is if things don't improve for the next month.

Here are my updated Dynasty QB rankings: