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In the NFL Draft, teams continue to push quarterbacks further up the draft board in pursuit of the elusive "franchise quarterback". This year was no different, with five quarterbacks selected in the first round, including the top three overall picks. If you're in a one-quarterback league, that should hardly be the case in your Fantasy draft, but that doesn't mean this class doesn't have appeal.

Both Trevor Lawrence and Justin Fields cracked my top-12 below while Trey Lance and Zach Wilson are each in the next 12. But as always, your current standing should determine just how interested you are in a quarterback. For example, Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Ryan Tannehill, and Matthew Stafford are all ahead of Wilson in these rankings. But for a rebuilding team, Wilson easily jumps them all. 

Lawrence at No. 7 is as high as he could rank considering he's not ranked as a top-12 quarterback in redraft. But he could be a quick mover. It's not hard to imagine him at No. 2 at the end of this year, especially if we see some regression from Kyler Murray and Josh Allen. At the same time, most of the rookies we've seen have struggled as passers in their rookie year, Justin Herbert being the obvious exception. 

If Lawrence starts off slow, it would be wise to do a price check around midseason. Even though people know that rookie passers struggle, that doesn't always stop them from discounting the player in the moment. 

The other thing these rankings show is how much more fun a Superflex or Two-QB league can be. There are more than enough signal callers. We're still producing a majority of our content for one-quarterback leagues, but only because there are still a lot more one quarterback leagues. The more of you dip your toes into Superflex, the more we get to write about it.