Dallas Cowboys v New England Patriots
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There have not been a lot of major changes to the Dynasty quarterback rankings since the September update. Daniel Jones re-emerged as a solid No. 2 quarterback who still has some long-term upside. Russell Wilson nearly fell out of the top 10 for the first time since I first built these rankings, because he's a 32-year-old quarterback who probably isn't helping you get to the playoffs this year. Most of the other moves were subtle, but they may foreshadow some big moves in the future.

Tua Tagovailoa and Mac Jones were two of those moves. Tagovailoa is a very difficult value to process right now because of the Dolphins flirtation with Deshaun Watson. But I mostly don't believe Watson is going to play this season and I really don't expect Watson to play a full season in 2022. And I have been very impressed by Tagovailoa the past two weeks and feel confident that if he continues to grow as a player, he'll be starting somewhere even if Watson is in Miami.

Jones has been, without question, the best rookie quarterback so far this season. His 92.8 passer rating would be the eighth best out of 52 first-year starters in the past 10 years. He doesn't currently have the weapons, or the offense, to be a starting quarterback in Fantasy, but he may just be a true No. 1 WR away from that type of ceiling. That wasn't something I'd have even considered two months ago.

Here are the updated Dynasty quarterback rankings: