The first tier in my Dynasty QB Tiers hasn't changed since January. Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen, and Jalen Hurts are locked in as the top three quarterbacks in Dynasty Fantasy Football for the foreseeable future. But there is plenty of room for debate as to who should be atop the tier, and that has changed plenty in the past year.

Patrick Mahomes is currently QB1 and the least likely to fall out of Tier 1. He was nearly two points per game better than every other QB in standard CBS scoring. It was his third season out of six scoring at least 29 Fantasy points per game, a claim no other quarterback in the NFL can make. If there's a risk to Mahomes it's that we haven't seen him without Travis Kelce and the Chiefs seem to be taking this "no need for a starting WR" theory a little bit too far. But those risks pale in comparison to the style of play risks for Hurts and Allen.

Allen is currently QB2, but it wouldn't take much to change that. Allen has proven more as a passer than Hurts, so I am not as concerned about what happens when he has to run less, but I do believe that change is coming, and rushing production has been a huge portion of his Fantasy success. Allen's 2022 season did help validate his 2020 season as a passer to a certain degree and it now feels safe to project close to 7.5 yards per attempt and a six percent touchdown rate. If he can keep the turnovers under control, he should be a safe bet to be a top five Fantasy QB even after the running slows.

Hurts is the guy I want to put at QB2, and there's good reason for it. He's the youngest in the tier and he may be three or four years from having to cut back on his running if he can stay healthy. But Hurts also is the least proven as a passer. We saw Allen regress off his 2020 season. The same thing happened to Lamar Jackson and even Mahomes coming off early career efficiency spikes. But regressions won't matter much as long as he gets to run the ball 10 times a game. In leagues that only reward four points per pass touchdown, I would take Hurts over both Mahomes and Allen.

Here are my updated Dynasty QB tiers: