I do a lot of mock drafts. Sometimes I'll treat them as preparation for a real draft, as I assume most of you do, but other times I just want to try out a strategy or a certain build. In this particular Dynasty Superflex Startup mock, I decided to go for a win-now build while also avoiding quarterback early. The results are pretty ridiculous.

Before we get to the results, I'll walk you through the process. I took Justin Jefferson at five overall. He's my top ranked non-QB and there are only three QBs I would take ahead of him in this format. By the time it came back to me in the second round, Trevor Lawrence was my top ranked Dynasty quarterback. But I don't actually project Lawrence very high for 2022, so if I took him I'd be committing to a young build, and I've done a lot of those lately.

It was still too early for win-now quarterbacks like Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers, so I took Austin Ekeler, who I didn't think should still be there anyway. Then  in the third and fourth rounds I paired Davante Adams with his new quarterback and then felt very fortunate to land Derrick Henry in Round 5. For those keeping track, that's two of my top 2022 running backs and two of my top five 2022 wide receivers on the same roster.

If you'll remember, I took Henry in the fifth round of a mock earlier this year and then took rookie receivers with my next two picks. I was not going to make that mistake again, so I solidified quarterback with Jameis Winston and couldn't pass up on Josh Jacobs in Round 7. Dalton Schultz falling to Round 9 meant that quarterback would be my only weakness, but I'd expect I can find a pair of acceptable starters out of Derek Carr, Winston, Daniel Jones and Mitchell Trubisky each week. Even in a Superflex league you can get by with mediocre quarterbacks if you're elite and running back and wide receiver. At least for 2022, this team is.

When you look at the results below you'll notice Adam Aizer went with a similar approach (you can be the judge who did it better) while Tera Roberts took advantage of our lack of patience and built a squad full of youth and upside. 

As always, thanks to the analysts who participated in this mock draft:

Donkey Teeth, Razzball
Chris Towers, CBS Sports
Josh Fewster, Front Yard Fantasy Sports
Tera Roberts, CBS Sports
Heath Cummings, CBS Sports
Jay Felicio, Front Yard Fantasy Sports
Joey Wright, Front Yard Fantasy Sports
Adam Aizer, CBS Sports
R.J. White, CBS Sports
Jack Capotorto, CBS Sports
Jacob Gibbs, Sportsline
Simon Groeneveld, Front Yard Fantasy Sports

And here are the results:

Round By Round
Round 1
Pos Team Player
1 Simon Groeneveld
2 Adam Aizer
Team by Team
Simon Groeneveld
Rd Pk Player
1 1
Adam Aizer
Rd Pk Player
1 2