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As much as the Fantasy Football industry loves to talk about waiting on quarterback, we all recognize the position becomes far more important when you are able to start more than one of them. That's especially true in a Dynasty format, where their extended careers become more valuable. This should make it not surprising that seven quarterbacks were taken in the first 10 picks.

This run put four teams in a very uncomfortable position. LaQuan Jones and I were at the back end of the draft, with only three running backs and no receivers off the board when it got to us. My top three tiers of Dynasty quarterbacks were already gone, so we both passed on quarterbacks, and I came away with my No. 1 receiver and No. 3 running back in the format. 

On the flip side, the first two drafters, B_Don and Robbie Johnson both started with running backs so they had to wait until the back of the second round to have a shot at a quarterback. By that point, 10 quarterbacks had already been drafted and so B_Don took a pair while Johnson took one. 

This is where things really get interesting. By the time I picked again, 15 quarterbacks had been selected and there was a bet to be made. Was the quarterback run done, or did we have to take someone like Matthew Stafford or Baker Mayfield at the three-four turn?

We both bet on the run being done. In fact, neither of us took a quarterback until Round 7. It almost worked beautifully. Not one quarterback was taken from pick 32 (Matt Ryan) until pick 74 (Carson Wenz). I ended up with Baker Mayfield with pick 83, but after Jones took Cousins with the next pick I passed on quarterback until the nine-ten turn. The result?

I ended up with Baker Mayfield, Taysom Hill, Jameis Winston, and Jimmy Garoppolo. As long as Drew Brees retires, I would expect one of Winston or Hill to be a borderline QB1 and I feel decent about Mayfield or Garoppolo giving me high-end QB2 production. Is that enough to win? I have five of my top 19 Dynasty wide receivers and my No. 3 running back, so I hope so. You can look at the rosters below and be the judge.

The analysts who participated in this mock are:

Adam Aizer, CBS Sports
Dave Richard, CBS Sports
Heath Cummings, CBS Sports
Jacob Gibbs, Sportsline
R.J. White, CBS Sports
Dan Schneier, CBS Sports
B_Don, Razzball
Justin Lampkin, Clock Management
Donkey Teeth, Razzball
LaQuan Jones, RealDeal Fantasy HQ
Matt Donnelly, Dynasty Vipers
Robbie Johnson, Rumboyz Fantasy Network

And here are the results: