The redraft story of the tight end position is pretty easy to tell. There's an elite tier of actual difference makers, another tier of younger, exciting upside TE1s, and then a bunch of guys who probably don't matter unless something weird happens. Every year, one or two of those guys has a stretch (or a whole season) where they emerge and win people leagues.

In dynasty it's a bit different. The first two tiers are mostly the same, but then come all the young tight ends we think will be good one day,. They're put ahead of veteran low-end TE1s for good reason; the hope. is one day they'll be an actual difference maker in the future.

While that order makes sense in a vacuum, it makes less sense if you're in win-now mode. There is value in 2021 depth at the position, especially if you don't have one of the top-four tight ends. This is one area where you can spend very little in future draft capital for an instant upgrade to your current playoff and title hopes.

My two favorite tight ends to target for this purpose would be Logan Thomas and Tyler Higbee. Thomas may be more difficult to pull off because of his 2020 finish, but he's also 30 with one good season on his resume, so he shouldn't cost much. Higbee has a chance to be the No. 3 option in the Rams pass attack, and he's been pretty fantastic without Gerald Everett in the past. 

These are the types of players who may be afterthoughts on a mediocre team's roster but could absolutely help you in 2021. In full PPR, Thomas probably still has top-five upside.

Here are my updated Dynasty Tight End rankings: