It's OK to be skeptical in Fantasy Football. Most of the time it's even healthy. But it sure didn't pay off for Deshaun Watson owners this week.

We'll talk more about Watson in a minute, but viewing Week 8 action through that same lens you start to wonder about breakouts from Alex Collins and JuJu Smith-Schuster. There were monster performances, but are we really ready to anoint them must-start? Let's jump right in to it.

Deshaun Watson is a matchup-proof No. 1 QB

First, let's give some credit to Dave Richard. He was the only expert at CBS to keep Deshaun Watson inside his top-10 quarterbacks, and boy did that pay off. As for me?

Watson went into one of the most hostile environments in professional sports and absolutely balled out. More than 400 passing yards on just 30 attempts. Four touchdown passes. Another 67 yards on the ground. Sure, he also threw three picks, but who cares? 

Since Week 3 Watson has been the No. 1 quarterback in Fantasy, and he's had a bye in that time frame. On a per game basis he is absolutely destroying the field. If you sat Watson on our advice in Week 8, I'm sorry. But we won't make that mistake again.

Verdict: Believe it

Listen, we can get into the specifics of Watson's end-of-season schedule if you like. In Week 15 he travels to Jacksonville. In Week 16 he faces a very good Steelers defense on Christmas Day. Nervous about the Fantasy playoffs two months out? I get it, but you're thinking that far ahead because of what Watson has already done. 

Are you benching Tom Brady against those matchups? I don't think so. And Watson has been a lot better than Brady this season. The fact that his defense was thoroughly thrashed by Russell Wilson on Sunday only makes him more appealing. Watson is going to have to carry this team to the playoffs if it is going to get there, and the same goes for your Fantasy team.

Alex Collins is a No. 2 running back moving forward

It isn't exactly a new development that Alex Collins is awesome. His first three games of the season he ran for 206 yards on 25 carries. He's been among the league leaders in yards per carry ever since. He's looked exactly like the type of running back the Seattle Seahawks could use.

The problem with Alex Collins was volume ...and touchdowns ...and a lack of involvement in the passing game. It looks like at least one of those may be getting fixed. Collins had 18 carries Thursday night against the Dolphins, and he even caught two passes for 30 yards. There was still some really annoying red zone usage, but as unsuccessful as that was, I would expect that to change as well. Collins should see 15-plus touches per week moving forward and that will make him a solid No. 2 running back.

Verdict: Believe it

Before you get too hyped, let's be clear about what a No. 2 running back is and isn't. LeGarrette Blount, Frank Gore and Tevin Coleman have all been No. 2 running backs so far in 2017. Collins is absolutely in their class right now, and he has the upside to be even better. But the last part is still theoretical. 

Were his two receptions on Thursday a sign of things to come? Can Baltimore's offense be anything other than terrible? Will Collins get a majority of the red zone work moving forward? If those questions are answered positively, Collins could truly move into must-start range. For now, he's more of a No. 2 running back you start with hope but not confidence.

All that being said, he's only owned in about half of CBS leagues, and he should be one of your top waiver wire priorities

Jack Doyle is a No. 1 tight end again

How frustrating has this guy been this season? Doyle was one of our favorite sleepers coming into the season but we quickly soured on him due to Andrew Luck's injury and a slow start. After Jacoby Brissett targeted him eight times in Week 2 (and Doyle caught all eight), we bought back in for a prime matchup with the Browns. Doyle rewarded us with seven catches for 43 yards ... in his next two games combined!

Well, he's back. Doyle caught 12 passes for 121 yards and a touchdown on Sunday against a Cincinnati Bengals defense that we thought was pretty good. For the season, he's not the No. 7 tight end in Fantasy. He's outscored Delanie Walker, Hunter Henry and Jordan Reed. He's a No. 1 tight end. For real this time.

Verdict: Don't believe it

My eight year old is really into Bigfoot research right now. He's constantly showing me pictures and videos and asking me if it's a real Bigfoot. It's a tough situation, because no one likes crushing kids' dreams, but the truth is that none of them are Bigfoot because Bigfoot isn't real. That's also how I feel about low-end No. 1 tight ends. 

There are six tight ends I'd call No. 1 tight ends. The rest are a crapshoot. We choose the best each week based on matchup and recent performance, but that led everyone to Hunter Henry and Jason Witten this week, and you saw how that turned out. I have a hard time looking at any of these guys from a season-long perspective. 

Doyle has a matchup against a Texans' squad that just gave up a monster day to Jimmy Graham. He should be a fine option in Week 9, and he's available in a third of leagues. Go get him if you need a tight end this week, but don't fall in love with him.

Mark Ingram's fumbles are going to make Alvin Kamara a feature back

Here we go again. 

Mark Ingram, after two weeks of unabashed awesomeness, fumbled twice in Week 8. Sean Payton was not pleased. We've been down this road before and it led to a couple of weeks of Tim Hightower, workhorse. Now rookie Alvin Kamara stands to be the main beneficiary. 

Kamara had the final three carries of this game ,and likely moves into a feature role in the future. That will make him a top-10 running back in both formats, especially against Tampa Bay in Week 9.

Verdict: Don't believe it

Sure, I think there's a chance of Sean Payton punishing Ingram. I'd even say it's likely. We've already seen him do this with Hightower, and we saw him waste 29 touches on Adrian Peterson earlier this season. I don't think it's smart to bench one of your best offensive players, but history suggests we should expect it. I just don't suspect it will last.

Kamara has been exceptional at his current role. He excels with 10-15 touches per game. But I don't believe the Saints want to double that. And I don't believe he would be as successful if they did. Kamara himself put the ball on the ground once in this game, but it was overturned on review. Kamara may see an increased role for a week, maybe even two. But don't expect him to start getting 20 touches weekly.

JuJu Smith-Schuster is a top-25 wide receiver rest of season

Maybe the Steelers don't need Martavis Bryant after all. It sure didn't look like it on Sunday with Smith-Schuster racking up seven catches for 193 yards and his second touchdown in as many weeks. Even if you take out his 97-yard touchdown, he was a huge part of the game plan and a reliable target for Ben Roethlisberger aside from one drop.

Smith-Schuster now has the role in the offense, the trust of Roethlisberger, and some of the best touchdown celebrations of the season. You can start him comfortably as a No. 2 wide receiver rest of season.

Verdict: Don't believe it

But it's really close. Smith-Schuster has been impressive as a rookie and he has carved out a role in this offense. But this is also his first game this season with more than four receptions and his first game with more than six targets. I view him as more of a high-end No. 3 receiver with huge upside. The Steelers have a good schedule in the second half, so I'd expect he'll be start-able more often than not, but unless this week's target share sticks, I'm going to have a hard time trusting him to be top-25 every week.