Remember last week when we were trying to figure out how the Packers offense would look with Brett Hundley under center? Well, it was not great unless your name is Aaron Jones.

 Hundley looked overmatched against the Saints while Jordy Nelson and Davante Adams owners looked on with tears in their eyes. At least they're not alone. T.Y. Hilton, Demaryius Thomas and Pierre Garcon have all seen their value severely diminished due to poor quarterback play.

After Sunday, it looks like Larry Fitzgerald may join them.

The Cardinals offense is worthless without Carson Palmer

Arizona has the bye week to decide if it wants to start Drew Stanton or Blaine Gabbert at quarterback, but I'm not sure anyone should care who they choose. As soon as it was revealed that Carson Palmer's arm was broken, the fate of your Arizona Cardinals in Fantasy was sealed. 

Whereas there was some hope that Brett Hundley could be good, we know exactly what we're getting in Gabbert and Stanton. 

Since the start of the 2013 season, 57 quarterbacks have thrown at least 300 passes in the NFL. Stanton ranks 57th in quarterback rating (66.2). Gabbert ranks 53rd (73.1). If you go back further in their careers, it doesn't get any better.

While it's impressive that the Cardinals have two of the worst quarterbacks of the modern era on their roster, this is a lose-lose situation for everyone in Arizona. I understand if you don't have the heart to drop Larry Fitzgerald, but he (and everyone else on that team) will just be a cheerleader on your bench.

Verdict: Don't believe it

Worthless is a step too far. For the time being at least. 

Whoever is named the starter, I would expect two things:

  1. They're going to do everything they can to run the ball with Adrian Peterson.
  2. They're going to lean heavily on Larry Fitzgerald.

With that in mind, I'm holding both Fitzgerald and Peterson through their bye week, even if I don't have any intention of starting them in Week 9. For the rest of the season I would expect Peterson will be a boom-or-bust flex play. Fitzgerald should still be a solid No. 2 option in PPR leagues, and more of a No. 3 in non-PPR.

You can drop everyone else in Arizona.

O.J. Howard has surpassed Cameron Brate

Remember when we used to avoid rookie tight ends? Well if you did it this year, it's looking like a mistake. Evan Engram had already established himself as a top-12 option with the injuries in New York. Now, it looks like O.J. Howard is coming as well.

Howard hauled in a pair of touchdown passes on Sunday and finished Week 7 as the No. 1 tight end in Fantasy. We all thought it was a matter of time before Howard supplanted Cameron Brate as the No. 1 tight end in Tampa Bay. We just expected that time would be measured in years, not weeks. Howard completed the task in Week 7 and should be one of your top waiver wire priorities

Verdict: Don't believe it

Brate wasn't exactly bad in this game. He caught six passes for 60 yards. More importantly, he still out-targeted Howard nine to six. This was Brate's third game in a row with at least eight targets. He's not going anywhere.

Moving forward, Howard is more of a bye-week replacement with huge upside. He could even be a flex option in deep or tight end premium leagues. Brate is still a top-12 option for as long as he continues to see this target volume. 

Amari Cooper is a must-start WR rest of season

I know it happened Thursday so it may not be fresh in your mind, but Amari Cooper was the No. 1 wide receiver in Fantasy in Week 7. He saw an incredible 19 targets and converted them into 11 catches for 210 yards and two touchdowns. I just hope he wasn't on your bench.

In the five games before this breakout, Cooper had combined for 13-84-0. He still leads the NFL in drops, but Derek Carr doesn't seem to care. 

The Raiders sped things up and went pass-heavy in Week 7, and it worked. I can't imagine they'll go away from it now. Cooper will be a top-15 wide receiver rest of season and should be a mainstay in your Fantasy lineup.

Verdict: Believe it

They way we've talked about Amari Cooper this season has been really strange. He's been talked about like a bust that we were just blindly hoping would break out. In fact, he's an extremely talented receiver who topped 1,000 yards receiving in each of his first two years. He's never finished outside of the top 25 wide receivers in Fantasy.

That isn't to excuse how terrible Cooper was over the past month. He was absolutely in a funk. But him breaking out of that funk should have been the expectation, not a hope. Now that he has, there's no chance I'm benching him. Cooper will have ups and downs over the remainder of the season, but he'll give you enough boom weeks to make you forget about the busts.

Latavius Murray is the No. 1 RB in Minnesota

I didn't think Latavius Murray was completely irrelevant in Fantasy coming into this week. But I did view him as more of a drag on Jerick McKinnon's value than anything else. Instead, he was the best running back in Minnesota.

Murray led the team in carries (18) and yards (113). He broke off a 35-yard run and a 29-yard touchdown. This was against a fairly solid Ravens defense that held Jerick McKinnon to 57 total yards on 17 touches. 

Remember, this team went out and acquired Murray in the offseason presumably to be their starter before they drafted Dalvin Cook. Murray took much longer than expected to get healthy and acclimated, but he's once again the best back in Minnesota.

Verdict: Don't believe it

Not yet, at least. This game was the reset button in this battle. McKinnon has now looked better in two of three games, but Murray's performance could very likely make this an even split. In other words, the Vikings don't currently have a No. 1 running back.

My expectation moving forward is a near-even split for Murray and McKinnon in the running game, with McKinnon getting most of the work in the passing game and Murray getting more of the work in short yardage. This is a nightmare for Fantasy owners, but it also means that both backs need to be near universally owned. Both are just an injury away from a feature role in a surprisingly effective offense. 

Matt Moore is better for Kenny Stills (and eventually DeVante Parker)

Excuse Dolphins fans if they're questioning the investment the team made in Jay Cutler. Cutler went down with a chest injury on Sunday and the offense didn't miss a beat with Matt Moore under center. In fact, they got better.

This is a repeat of what we saw at the end of 2016 and confirmation of what many of us already believed. Matt Moore is currently a better quarterback than Jay Cutler, and he's certainly better for Kenny Stills. Stills scored two touchdowns on Sunday, which is again a lot like what we saw at the end of 2016. Stills should be added across the board and viewed as a solid No. 3 wide receiver.

Verdict: Believe it

Stills scored in all three of Moore's regular season starts in 2016. He averaged six targets per game. There is a connection here that just wasn't present with Cutler. Stills is getting more targets and he's getting higher quality targets. Moore should be the quarterback for the rest of the season, and that would be a boon for Stills' Fantasy value.

As for DeVante Parker, yes, he would theoretically be helped by better quarterback play as well. There is the concern over the loss of a connection he'd made with Cutler, but I have a lot more concern about Parker's ability to get and stay healthy.