The Minnesota Vikings were apparently not comfortable with Shaun Hill as their starting quarterback.

With Bradford rejoining his college teammate Adrian Peterson, this move creates a ton of questions less than a week before the NFL season starts.

We'll try to answer as many of them as we can as games get closer. For now, here are the four things you need to know about this move from a Fantasy perspective.

The Stefon Diggs hype train can resume.

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By mid-August we were coming around to the idea that we weren't giving Diggs' rookie season enough credit and had moved him up our rankings. Then the Bridgewater injury happened and everyone got scared off by Shaun Hill.

With the news of the Bradford trade I'll bump Diggs back up to the No. 4 receiver range, worth a pick in the eighth round. The rest of the Vikings pass-catchers are late-round fliers at best but I would possibly give a small bump to Kyle Rudolph. Bradford had a lot of success with Zach Ertz in Philadelphia in 2015. Bradford has thrown 28 percent of his career touchdowns to tight ends.

Bradford's value takes a small hit, especially early in the season.

We don't have a lot of examples of veteran quarterbacks changing teams and having very much success. This is especially true with a quarterback changing teams this late in the game. It's hard to imagine Bradford having much success in the first few weeks (if the Vikings even feel comfortable starting him).

Also, I'd expect Bradford's volume to decrease in Minnesota. The only reason the Vikings made this lopsided trade is because they think they're in a championship window. Before the trade, Bradford was on an Eagles team we expected to be playing from behind a lot.

Thankfully, you were likely only drafting Bradford in 2-QB leagues.

Chase Daniel Carson Wentz (apparently) is a starting quarterback and (maybe) it matters in 2-QB leagues.

Update ...

So, those pesky "sources" are at it again, saying Carson Wentz will start Week 1. Of course, this all depends on Wentz's health. Clearly, this is a fluid situation. Read below and prepare for Daniel to be the starter, but keep in mind you might see Wentz on the field next week. If that's the case, it's a mild downgrade for now.

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Carson Wentz is the future in Philadelphia, but I'm not sure how soon the future is coming. The Eagles start with a very favorable schedule and I would expect them to run Daniel out there for as long as they can make an argument they're fighting for a playoff spot.

Daniel spent the first three seasons of his career learning under Drew Brees and Sean Payton. He spent the last three with Alex Smith and Andy Reid. You can't ask for much more in terms of cerebral mentors and I would expect Daniel to be a prototypical game manager that can produce against bad defenses. As you can see above, he gets a lot of those in the first five weeks.

Doug Pederson was Daniel's offensive coordinator in Kansas City and made it a priority to bring him to Philadelphia with him. Pederson himself spent a career as a backup quarterback.

As for Wentz, this does speed up his timeline if only because he's now only one injury away (maybe not even that far) from being a starter. His value gets a small bump in deep 2-QB leagues and I think the expectation has to be he's making starts at some point this season.

There is no significant downgrade for Eagles pass-catchers.

Again, Daniel was viewed as one of the top backup quarterbacks in the league. Bradford is viewed as one of the bottom third of starting quarterbacks. Whether it's Daniel or Wentz, there isn't a huge dropoff here. The one player I would have a concern for would be Zach Ertz.

Ertz had a mini-breakout in 2015 largely due to success with Bradford at the end of the season. I view him as a poor man's Travis Kelce and have consistently been the highest ranker of him as the sixth best tight end. I'll be dropping him below Coby Fleener, but not far.

More importantly, I would not expect any dropoff in the Eagles' offensive efficiency. Daniel has been with Pederson for three years. He knows exactly what his coach wants him to do and he can execute under good circumstances. If the Eagles really think they're better off with the rookie, then we shouldn't have too many concerns about him performing much worse than Bradford would have.