At least once per year someone writes an article about how Zero RB is dead as a strategy and I feel motivated to try it again. While it's true that I have a contrarian nature, that's not the only reason. Especially in Dynasty, wide receivers and quarterbacks have a much longer shelf life than running backs. If you're looking to build a true Dynasty that competes for a long time, it's easier to do that with elite quarterbacks and receivers than running backs. Because in three years your elite running backs might be on their way out of the league. 

So in our most recent Dynasty Superflex mock, I decided to try it out. In the first six rounds I took two quarterbacks (Deshaun Watson and Jared Goff) and four wide receivers (Davante Adams, A.J. Brown, Odell Beckham, and Stefon Diggs). In this particular league, they're all starters. If I'm going to go six rounds without a running back, this is how I'd like for it to go. I have two of my top 15 quarterbacks and three of my top 12 Dynasty wide receivers. 

What I couldn't have known was that I'd find Todd Gurley and Melvin Gordon in the seventh and eighth rounds. These backs may not be longterm answers, but they're both consensus top-20 backs for 2020. And paired with the quarterbacks and receivers I drafted, they make this team an instant contender. In the next handful of rounds I grabbed a pair of young tight ends and added running back depth with Ronald Jones, Sony Michel, and Tarik Cohen. I even found Tevin Coleman hanging around in Round 15. Looking at my top six running backs, it sure doesn't feel like a true 0RB team.

So is the strategy dead? Some would say let's see some results before we decide. But at least in Dynasty Superflex, I feel pretty comfortable saying it's not. There were a ton of upside backs available for me after Round 7 and there should be in your drafts as well. I never want to force a strategy, but if you're drafting in the back half and your league goes crazy for running backs you shouldn't be afraid to stockpile talent instead.

The analysts who participated in this mock are:

Scott Fish, Scott Fish Bowl/Fantasy Cares
Heath Cummings, CBS Sports
Ben Gretch, CBS Sports
John Bosch, Dynasty Wall Street
Dave Richard, CBS Sports
Jamey Eisenberg, CBS Sports
Donkey Teeth, Razzball
Matt Okada, Redshirts FF Pod
Jack Capotorto, CBS Sports
Adam Aizer, CBS Sports
R.J. White, CBS Sports
Seth Klein, Fantrax

And here are the results: