Watch Now: Rankings Debate: Rob Gronkowski vs Austin Hooper (0:58)

The impact of the 2020 NFL Draft on the tight end position in Dynasty was negligible. Not one rookie made my top 20 in Dynasty and only two of them cracked my top 25. Unless you're playing in a tight end premium league, I wouldn't expect any tight ends to go in the first two rounds of your rookie draft. In re-draft, I wouldn't expect any rookie tight ends to get drafted no matter how deep your league is. But that's not the only thing that's changed since our last talk. We also got Rob Gronkowski back.

Truth be told, Gronkowski is the kind of guy who can make you feel silly doing rankings and assigning players to tiers. He doesn't exactly fit well no matter where you place him. 

In terms of potential upside, it's hard to find five players who have as much upside as Gronk, much less more upside. His upside should place him at least as high as Mark Andrews and Hunter Henry. And you could make an argument his upside is as high as George Kittle's. Gronk may not have looked like Gronk the last time we saw him but he still put up more than 900 yards in his last 16 regular season games. 

But when you look at downside, the fair spot to place him would be with the likes of Jared Cook and Greg Olsen. He's on the wrong side of 30 and hasn't played 15 games since 2015. That 2018 season was uninspiring, and Gronkowski has talked about how he was so beat up he just couldn't play anymore. We just don't know how he's going to respond to the first big hit.

When it comes to an actual projection, Gronkowski looks like a low-end No. 1 tight end only because I'm hedging between the sky-high ceiling and the terrifying floor. That's what projections do. That's why Gronkowski comes in at No. 10 in my 2019 rankings and ultimately at No. 17 (and the bottom of Tier 5) in Dynasty. But even that compromise is inadequate. 

If you're a contender in 2020 who feels like Gronk could be your final piece, I have no problem with you overpaying for the top-five upside. I might even do it myself. If you're rebuilding and landed him off the waiver wire, I'd be trying to sell, but a little voice in the back of my head might try to get me to wait until Week 1. Because if Gronkowski looks like his old self in Week 1, the asking price could go through the roof.

Here are the rest of my post-draft Dynasty tiers for tight ends:

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