They say winning cures everything, but it has not cured the discontent that's gnawing at Martavis Bryant.

Despite reports that Bryant would be more involved in Week 7, the Steelers' receiver had just one catch for 3 yards. As if that wasn't bad enough, he took to social media after the game to defend himself and argue about whether JuJu Smith-Schuster was more talented than him

Bryant wants out of Pittsburgh, and selfishly, for Fantasy purposes we want him out as well. The Steelers have Le'Veon Bell and Antonio Brown. Smith-Schuster is showing signs of breaking out. They have no need for Bryant, and they're making him useless in Fantasy. 

Much as the Saints did with Adrian Peterson, it's time to ship Bryant to a better location. The move would open up more targets for Smith-Schuster and give Bryant a fresh start. So where should they trade him? We've got ideas. 

You may think these landing spots are long shots (and you wouldn't be wrong) but there's something to be said for betting on long shots. The trade deadline is November 1st and there are worse ways to spend the last roster spot on your bench than on a high-upside receiver that could gain a new opportunity in the next week. If Bryant is still a Steeler after the deadline, you can cut bait then.

Landing Spots for Martavis Bryant
Sure, it's unlikely the Steelers trade Bryant to a 4-2 team in the conference. It's unlikely they trade him at all. But how much fun could this be? Remember what Tyrod Taylor used to do with Sammy Watkins? This team has a severe need at wide receiver (Deonte Thompson led the Bills in receiving in Week 7) and a quarterback who would benefit greatly from Bryant's arrival. It's a dream matchup that would vault Taylor into the top-12 quarterbacks and make Bryant must-own again. 
I like Paul Richardson and Tyler Lockett as much as the next guy. Maybe even more than the next guy. But Bryant would be a perfect fit next to Doug Baldwin and Jimmy Graham. He could stretch the defense and would give the Seahawks a much-needed red-zone threat. This team needs to sell out to a pass-heavy, fast-paced approach. Bryant's addition would make that much easier.
Bryant couldn't replace Golden Tate in the slot, but he could certainly help Matthew Stafford. The Lions could be without Tate for a few more weeks, and even once Tate returns he could be a deep threat that this offense needs. You do run into the possibility that a month from now he's complaining about targets again, but that's always going to be a risk if he doesn't play well.
I know this is crazy, but the Cowboys are at 3-3, and I don't really think their defense is getting better. So why not make them the best offense in the league? This would take some of the pressure off Dez Bryant, who has only caught 28 of his 58 targets this season. It also provides some firepower for the offense in case the team eventually loses Ezekiel Elliott to suspension. Jerry Jones has never been one to shy away from reclamation projects.
You probably expected the Giants to be higher on this list. The opportunity is certainly there with Odell Beckham and Brandon Marshall lost for the season, but this one just doesn't feel right to me. Eli Manning already has a solid rapport with Sterling Shepard and he's quickly developing the same with Evan Engram. Besides, I'm not sure offensive line can block long enough for Bryant to get open. This could be a great place for Bryant's value, but it also feels the riskiest of the five I've mentioned.